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On May 17 2015, I posted three short videos to the online platform...


On May 23 2018, I became the top-ranked amateur performer of all-time on  

The remainder of this site is dedicated to the videos that turned an unknown Canadian escort into an unexpected international online sensation. 


To my beloved fans, no matter where you are in the world... I send a sincere Thank You!


This success would have never been possible without the love and support you have shown. I appreciate every one of you more than you will ever know. Many of you I have already met, and we've shared some pretty amazing times. I hope to have the opportunity to meet many, many more of you, and look forward to the incredible experience that awaits... Remember, all you need to do is visit!

You can access the exclusive CherrySoda channels at the sites below by clicking their banner

I highly recommend accessing my content @ - The only site featuring my complete unedited video library

You can also directly link to any particular video, simply by clicking on the "view this video" button on it's corresponding preview clip either below, and on the following pages.

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the call-out (yes, I fuck my fans)


in & out


fucking daddy


interracial relations

Going Solo

abbr. (abbreviated)

       a taste of soda

(blow) job interview

          full service

backroom bbc

fuckin' at the 'lion

fuck these ddds

the whore next door

The next time you visit an escort in Victoria, please consider visiting me... If you'd like, we can even film our time together! 

I will edit the footage into a video which will be posted online to be enjoyed by my legions of devoted fans around the world.

Interested in a true Porn Star Experience? Please contact me anytime, to find out how easy it is to co-star with me in a real porn video !


Everyone is welcome to appear in my videos - I do not discriminate based on appearance, disability, race or size.