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the vault tapes: vol.1

The Vault Tapes: Volumes 1-12


One night in 2016, I edited a couple of old videos I had shot back in 2012, not long after I started escorting. I figured the two resulting videos, "The Vault Tapes: Vol: 1 & Vol.2",  were basically throwaways, which would receive very few views.


To my surprise, the first two Vault Tapes videos became an instant success, and would go on to spawn an entire series of successful videos featuring footage I'd shot early in my escort career. 


Am I sitting on any more old school footage? Maybe... Only time will tell!

In the meantime, please enjoy these memories from back in the day... and keep your eyes peeled for a new "Vault Tapes" classic.


Who knows what tricks I could have up my sleeve, or what footage I may, or may not still have in "The Vault"...

the vault tapes: vol.2

the vault tapes: vol.3 cherry's first mmf pt.1

the vault tapes: vol.3 cherry's first mmf pt.2

the vault tapes: vol.4

the vault tapes: vol.5

the vault tapes: vol.6

                   bj pigtails

the vault tapes: vol.7

the vault tapes vol.8

                  on a boat

the vault tapes: vol.9

the vault tapes: vol.10

the vault tapes: vol.11

the vault tapes: twelve


The next time you visit an escort in Victoria, please consider visiting me... If you'd like, we can even film our time together! 

I will edit the footage into a video which will be posted online to be enjoyed by my legions of devoted fans around the world.

Interested in a true Porn Star Experience? Please contact me anytime, to find out how easy it is to co-star with me in a real porn video !


Everyone is welcome to appear in my videos - I do not discriminate based on appearance, disability, race or size.