cherry loves facials

Cherry Loves Facials: Volumes 1-4

Before the "Vault Tapes", there was another series of videos, documenting my penchant for having men empty their balls all over my face. 


This series' title was derived from a porn I'd seen, where a bride-

to-be treated her future mother-in-law to a facial at an especially tawdry spa.

Upon being informed of their girl's-only outing, the mother exclaimed, "I love facials!", completely oblivious to the overtly sexual twist this seemingly innocent spa day would take.

After some initial confusion, the mother accepted her future daughter-in-law's gift... One can only assume that husband and son were never informed of the finer details surrounding that particular bonding experience.


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cherry loves facials... again

cherry loves facials: vol.3

            can't get enough

cherry loves facials: vol.4

sucking and fucking

dirty little daydream


cute. innocent. cocksucker.

my playtime

The next time you visit an escort in Victoria, please consider visiting me... If you'd like, we can even film our time together! 

I will edit the footage into a video which will be posted online to be enjoyed by my legions of devoted fans around the world.

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Everyone is welcome to appear in my videos - I do not discriminate based on appearance, disability, race or size.