Q:  Is hiring an escort illegal? Am I likely to get arrested?

Since late 2014, Canadian Law states that; while it is not illegal for any person to sell sex, obtaining the services of a sex worker, represents a crime which is punishable under Canada's Criminal Code.

In November 2014, Bill-C36 received Royal Ascent, and was sworn in as Canadian Law. Renamed The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, the new legislation is modelled after Sweden's flawed  and ineffective "Nordic Model".  


The new legal framework contained in Bill C-36 served as a replacement for Canada's previous set of  prostitution laws, which had been struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada the previous year. 


Terri-Jean Bedford, a professional dominatrix, successfully fought the prostitution charges which had been brought against her, on the grounds that the prostitution laws which existed in Canada at the time of her arrest were unconstitutional, and violated the civil rights of all Canadian sex workers, as defined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Supreme Court agreed with Bedford, ruling that the previous laws infringed upon sex workers right to protect themselves, and  greatly compromised sex worker safety overall. 

Now, in addressing  the second part of the question, it is important to note that the new act was extremely unpopular amongst the members of Canada's law enforcement community. So unpopular, that the majority of city and municipal police forces refused to enforce the new laws outlined in the legislation. Instead, they announced they would follow the status quo, as it was prior to the passing of the new bill.

Victoria Police Service was one of the most vocal detractors of the new legislation, stating they would continue to view sex work from a non-criminal standpoint, with their only focus being on the protection of sex workers, through the prosecution of anyone who commits crimes against sex workers.

So, I guess the best answer to your question would be that, while technically it is illegal to obtain the services of a sex worker, as long as you treat the individual you have hired with respect, follow her directions, and do not treat them in a violent manner during your time together, then the chance of you being arrested in Victoria is basically zero.

Below is a piece I wrote on the one year anniversary of Bill C-36 becoming law, and many ways which clients can keep themselves safe... Both from prosecution by authorities, and against falling victim to the many criminals within the sex trade, who only pose at sex workers to lure their "clients" into compromising situations, where they become victims of robbery, assault and sometimes even worse.

Much Ado About Nothing: Bill C-36

The Protection of Communities and Exploited Person's Act:

Steps to avoid legal prosecution and falling victim to non-reputable"sex workers"


It's one year later. It would appear that Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (a.k.a Bill C-36, pre-royal ascent) has had basically zero impact on Canada's sex trade. 


With most major Canadian city's police forces refusing to enforce the new legislation, on the basis that it does nothing to address the real problems with the sex trade, or achieve it's promised goal of increased sex worker safety, the Act has seemingly faded into basic obscurity. I am please to inform that VicPD is one of the many city police forces who have publicly stated that they will not be enforcing the provisions in the Act, which pertain to legal-age, fully-consensual sex work.


In the current climate of Canada's sex trade, clients should thoroughly research every new or unfamiliar girl they may consider seeing. The protection against client retaliation which this new Act provides has unfortunately increased the risk of being robbed, or otherwise hustled by a thief who is only posing  as a sex worker. These girls realize that a client is very unlikely to report a robbery, assault or anything else to the authorities, when they could possibly face prosecution under the new Act.


The price of choosing the 'wrong girl' is now higher than ever before. Your most effective defence against falling victim to one of the many thieving criminals posing as sex workers, is to do your homework. That is, by far the most effective way to ensure you're not going receive much more than you bargained for.


You could go to all of the effort of checking reviews, asking around in the forums, and scouring the Internet for information on a new girl, and still come up empty, with little to no information, ultimately taking a massive and unnecessary risk.


Or, you could save yourself a lot of time, effort, and potential risk by simply visiting one of the many established, safe & reputable providers who call Victoria home. I am proud to be one of Victoria's established providers, having worked the entirety of my two-and-a-half years in sex work right here in Victoria.


In my opinion, the biggest issue the sex industry faces at the moment, is one which has plagued it for as long as anyone can remember...The problems related to the less than reputable providers. This issue is far from new. These girls are responsible for everything from misrepresentation in their advertising with fake pictures, and misleading descriptions of their services... Right up to luring clients into extremely unsafe environments, where they have been seriously beaten and robbed.


If you think what I've just described are things that happen only in larger centres, you're wrong. The two examples I mentioned both occur in Victoria, on a semi-regular basis.. The girls who hide behind the guise of being a service provider, for the purpose of luring clients into situations which give them the opportunity to commit these despicable crimes, truly disgust and enrage me. Their actions do so much damage on so many levels, but they don't seem to care. These girls serve no useful purpose in a sex work capacity. These are simply common thieves and con-artists, who have only caused further harm to the reputation and society's perception of all sex workers, and those who seek their services


...and that's not fair.


If every sex worker provided honest, trustworthy service, which was free of drama, violence and criminal activity, I don't feel the Government would spend time considering new forms of legislation, and tougher penalties against those who work in this industry, or against the customers who support it.. I know I'm a dreamer to think these girls, and the problems which they bring, will ever go away. However, I feel that the one small thing I can do, is make a small difference in the overall situation by offering safe, reputable, and honest service each and every time, while trying to inform others of the constant danger which is the unfortunate reality that casts everyone involved in a bad light.


It's totally okay if you decide I am not exactly the right girl for you. I understand. Just please be careful, I care for other people a great deal, and it upsets me every time I hear that another one of these criminals has used this occupation, for which I have great passion to carry out another of their despicable acts against an innocent client, who was only trying to spend some special time with a girl who promised him just that.


Instead, they received the exact opposite... No one deserves that.


Remember guys! To protect your personal safety, criminal record, and your wallet, try and stick to the ladies of Victoria who have worked very hard, building solid, proven reputations. You can be 100% confident you will never get more (or less) than what you were looking for... Plus, you'll always have a fantastic time, shared with a girl who is there for all of the right reasons, not evil intentions, or ulterior motives. 


This is not a promotional spot for Victoria's established providers... Far from it. This is sincere advice, passed on for no other purpose other than to promote client safety, from someone who has worked in Victoria for nearly five years, and knows this scene very well. I think I speak for all of Victoria's long-standing, and reputable providers when I say, 'please guys, just be careful'. The risks are unfortunately on the rise, as these criminals are all too aware of the protection which former PM Harper's dim-witted Bill C-36 affords them, to better run their game on innocent would-be clients. 


Your best defense against becoming another victim, is educating yourself. Knowledge is power. The resources are out there, and they're free. If you ever have any questions about a particular lady, or if you're unsure of where to find the resources I've mentioned, please contact me anytime. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can. I have posted a link below, at the end of this very section. Simply click on the blue web address, and you will be taken directly to where the ladies' reviews are located. 


I realize that new girls have a definite appeal. That, I totally understand. it's best however, to hold off until they have built a small reputation and had a couple of positive reviews... Then go to see them. If you're thinking, 'if no one ever goes to the new girls, how will I know?' Don't worry sugar, in this business, there's unfortunately one born every minute... So the news about the bad providers gets around very quickly.


As unbelievable as it is, there are rip-off artists who are still at it after ten or so years of running the hustler-style foolishness of bait-and-switch trickery, fake pictures, assault and robbery. They just keep changing names, changing phone numbers, and changing in-call locations... 


Educate yourself. 

Read the review boards. 

Get informed. Stay informed... 


Or believe me, it's only a matter of time until it is you who is the victim... and that is the last thing I want to see happen to anyone.


I've already seen many clients who have fallen victim to these types of shady dealings. I encourage you to please be careful. As i stated earlier, if you are ever wary of, or have any doubts about a girl with whom you are unfamiliar, but are thinking of possibly contacting, please contact me. If I have any information about her, good or bad, I would be more than happy to pass it on... Free of charge. If I don't know her personally, and haven't seen anything written about her in the forums, that is exactly what I'll tell you. This is one service for which I would never expect, nor accept any form of compensation... The way i see it, is that your safety and well-being are reward enough.


I am a very honest person, and would never intentionally create undue drama or smear anyone's reputation, nor would I ever pass on any information obtained from a source I considered to be less-than-reputable. I have been the target of other's hurtful lies, and untrue allegations on public escort forums on more than one occasion. Those unjustified personal attacks taught me just how damaging fabricated stories, and lies can be to someone's emotional well-being, as well as to their reputation as a provider. When it comes to promoting myself and my services, I don't see how tearing someone else down, should be seen as an acceptable way to build yourself up? 


Here is the links to the review forum I mentioned above:


Now you have no excuse! Don't allow yourself to become another victim... 

Get educated! Do your research! Follow your instincts, and not your libido!

The resources are there to help you stay safe... Please use them.                              ​



Name change? Image change? Address change? Number changes? Never trust a chameleon!


There are girls right here in Victoria who have changed their working name, complete image, and in-call location no fewer than twenty times, during the four years since I started escorting. This is one of the biggest warning signs that a girl's operation could be on the shady side. It is a lot of work to change all of those things, plus any information you have posted in old ads, online profiles, etc. is now useless. 


Many girls like to do an overall 'rebranding', every couple of years, to simply recreate their persona, make things new and exciting again, or to give a little kickstart to slumping business. This is completely normal, and if you notice that an otherwise well reviewed, and established provider has changed everything about herself, you shouldn't panic. 


However, if you notice a girl who is reasonably new is changing her image, phone number, and name every other week, then there is definitely enough evidence to warrant taking a closer look, if nothing else. It could be that she's trying to find a persona with which she is comfortable, and which will maximize her profits... Or, she could be hiding from a reputation which is becoming increasingly sour.


I can proudly state that I have never found myself in a position where I felt the need to change my name, or my image. I have always and will always work under the name CherrySoda. I have always conducted myself, and my service, in a manner which I believe to be fair, considerate, and honest. For that reason, I have nothing to hide, be ashamed of, or otherwise change. If I ever mismanage myself, or my service to the point where I felt a name/image change would be in my best interest, you have my assurance that the only change I would be making would be a career change.


I pride myself in being a stable, drama-free provider. My top priorities during the time we will spend together, are your complete satisfaction, security, comfort, and overall peace-of-mind, allowing you to relax, and focus all of your efforts on enjoying all the fun things you and I will be doing.                                                        


Since I began escorting in July 2012, I have maintained the same in-call location. This is the studio condo which I both work from, and call my home. I take great pride in the fact that I do not rent my condo, as I feel this shows a level of personal stability rarely found in those working in the adult industry. I purchased my home in October 2011, so you can count on me remaining in the same location not only for the next few months, but for years to come.


Accountability is something I feel is sadly lacking in this trade. I, have never, nor would I ever  take my clients for granted. I sincerely appreciate every last client who visits, and put forth the greatest effort possible to ensure that appreciation is reflected in the consistent, top-quality services I deliver. This is a simple concept, but one that i believe is truly essential, yet is still lost on so many people..


I made a promise to myself when I started escorting, that I would do everything in my power to remain the person I was before I was an escort, and fight to retain the same values I held dear during my pre-escort life.... 


Almost four years later, I believe that I've been able to retain at least 90% of that goal. I won't lie... I am a bit less trusting of what people tell me than I used to be. I am more analytical of people, and what they tell me, and I have lost a noticeable amount of my naïveté, and innocence. I don't think all of the changes which I have undergone have been negative though. I'm far less gullible than I was before, and believe me, that I am very happy about!


I am still a sweet, compassionate and caring person who refuses to become cold, robotic, and hateful toward my clients, no matter what bullshit is pulled on me by the few unsavoury characters I occasionally have the misfortune of meeting. In this job, you must learn to take the bad with the good, and roll with the punches... Thankfully, the assholes are very rare, and at least so far, the punches have been non-existent.