Interesting title graphics, don't you think?

I'm sure an unfortunately large percentage of this website's viewership didn't even notice the chaotic visual directly above this paragraph. Maybe you belong to that group yourself. If that concerns you, don't worry... The fact you are actually reading this, shows you operate with a level of intellect and respect rarely seen in the average individual while visiting the website of an adult entertainer.

Don't get me wrong. I don't view the majority of those who visit my website and obtain my services as morons who don't deserve respect. I am well aware the state of mind in which most people find themselves during the time they spend on my website. I am also well aware that such a mental state is not conducive to respectful, intellectual patterns of thought... and for that I am glad. I didn't construct an entire adult website with the hope it would promote deep thought and meaningful discussion on important issues facing the sex work community.

...but there's an excellent chance I sprinkled a bit throughout.

You are currently engaged in one such bit, and for that I thank you. I completely understand if you stop reading, and move on to an area of my site which better reflects the whole reason you visited in the first place. However, I'd really appreciate if you'd give me just a few minutes of your time and allow me to explain the positive and negative aspects of the current review culture, and give a little insight into the world of online escort reviews and it's inhabitants. I will also explain why I feel escort review boards have run their course, due to the fact they now offer only minimal positive assistance to clients, and even less to sex workers, while serving as a major cash cow for the various site owners.

Upon entering the sex trade in mid-2012, my opinion of escort review boards was generally positive in nature. I liked the fact that clients now had a non-violent way by which to keep dishonest sex workers accountable. Outing a scam provider on an escort review site is a much more acceptable solution than the traditional violence of days gone by.


Review boards also provided a means by which clients could alert others to the more benign indiscretions commonly committed by sex workers. Review boards make it far more difficult to get away with fake pictures, lying about the services they offered, cheating on time for which they had been paid, blatantly lying about their age or size, etc.


I've always felt one of the biggest problems in the sex trade, is the chronic lack of accountability. Throughout history, high levels of illegality acted in concert with negative social stigma to ensure anyone who felt they'd been misused had no tenable path to recourse... Regardless of which side of the transaction they found themselves .The online escort review platform promised to change all that, by finally levelling a playing field, which had been giving an unfair advantage to shady providers for far too long.

But did the game-changing level playing field ever actually materialize? When one takes into account the regular nature of assaults and robberies where clients are the unfortunate victims, one would have to say the answer is no, it has not.

It is a well-known fact that sex workers are not generally viewed as the most trustworthy members of society. Often labelled as criminals, thieves, liars and opportunists, I'll be the first to admit that an unfortunately high percentage of sex workers fit into one or more of those rather unsavoury categorizations. 

While I have sympathy for the unenviable situations in which many of these girls find themselves, I still believe in basic human decency and the monumental importance of treating everyone with a basic level of respect. There is no excuse for the unacceptable actions of many sex workers. The seemingly endless cases of deception, robbery and assault for which these less-reputable girls are responsible, is nothing short of repugnant and represents one of the main reasons sex work remains criminalized in the vast majority of nations.

Of course, the problems do not stem exclusively from female sex workers. The male clients have also played a major role in sullying the already poor reputation of  the sex trade... Often, in ways far more insidious and evil than the petty robberies and annoying trickery commonly committed by sex workers.






Without question, these are three of the worst acts of which humanity is capable. Unfortunately, sex workers fall victim to these acts at a rate exponentially higher than almost any other occupation, or sector of society. In their earliest incarnations, escort review boards were places which also promoted sex worker safety. This was achieved  through the creation of "ladies only" areas in some forums. Only carefully verified sex worker accounts were granted access to these areas, promoting a feeling of security and a place where girls felt they could openly share information about violent and undesirable clients. However, due to constant cyber attacks by those same undesirables, this feature increasingly became viewed as a liability, eventually being removed altogether.

The culture promoted within escort review forums has become extremely toxic. Clients regularly attack, and engage in full-on flame wars with other clients. The worst example of this occurs anytime a client who is new to the forum posts a review of a girl. Unless it paints the provider in a negative light,  veteran members will start in with shill accusations... Often implying the positive review was actually authored by the provider it compliments. This makes new board members often too intimidated to ever even consider leaving positive reviews. This leads to a board consisting of a disproportionate number of negative reviews... Most of which contain hurtful, demeaning comments, very personal insults, and do nothing to improve the overall relationship shared between clients and providers.

Another negative product of the current day review board is blatant misogyny. I've seen posts from some forums, which promote rape acceptance/apologist culture. I realize unacceptable bullshit is simply a symptom of  the much larger problems faced by much of humanity during these less-than-ideal times. .However, I'm nearly certain most would agree that any community which spawns alternative counter cultures as grotesque as those mentioned, is a community we would all  really be better off without. 

Review boards are even used to facilitate the blackmail of sex workers. Clients will threaten to post a negative review of a sex worker, in order to manipulate her into giving them what they want... anything from BBFS to free sessions. This scam used to be quite effective, especially on less experienced and less successful girls. Fortunately, even the greenest of sex workers are now usually aware of this stunt. This increased level of awareness, combined with the overt skepticism which most reviews currently face, has left this disgusting method of manipulation basically toothless... Much like the scumbags capable of stooping low enough to actually act in such a sub-human manner.


By the way, if you've ever thought this might be something you'd try, remember that blackmail is a serious criminal offence, and in the eyes of the law, a serious form of sexual assault. Having to pay for your session, or wear a condom is much easier than time lost in prison.  

Of course, sometimes the bullies in these forums are correct to cast doubt upon certain reviews for not being entirely truthful. Unscrupulous providers often make fake accounts to either shill themselves, or post false negative reviews of their competitors. This is normally done by less successful providers,  providers acting on a grudge or who feel they've somehow been wronged by one of their fellow providers.

The final issue with review boards I wish to address, is their policy to openly commit extortion against sex workers. What makes this even worse is without sex workers, none of these boards would even exist. Review boards provide a free and open forum for all clients, while strictly governing sex workers, under a strict policy of, " read anything you'd like, but post anything and you will be punished" ...unless of course, you happen to be a paid member. Punishments can range from a short temporary ban, up to a permanent lifetime ban.

Before you say, "well, that sounds fair enough" please take into consideration that the current price of a monthly membership is $113. Sex workers who are paid members, aren't paid members because they enjoy the interaction, or any sort of promotional benefits. Paid members are paid members, to be protected against negative reviews. That's right... Negative reviews of escorts who are paid members of the review board, are basically immune to bad reviews, while a sex worker who is not a paid member cannot even defend herself against a vicious smear post, even if that post is known to be totally untrue. The only way to make negative reviews go away, is to pay to have them go away.

Doesn't that kind of resemble extortion to you?

The main review board for our region, is the Pacific Escort Review Board, or PERB. It can be found online at All of the reviews which I have posted below were sourced from there. If you're interested in checking out the reviews of other girls from Victoria, they can be found in the section entitled  Victoria Escort Reviews. For information and inquiries about the various ladies in Victoria, go to Victoria Escort and Massage 411.


The final link I will post, is in my opinion, the most important of all. It also represents what I view as the last remaining useful service provided by this review board. This link takes you to the most important thread on the entire forum. One would think the importance of this thread alone would have commanded a much catchier title than  Ripped Off & Scammed, or waste of time .  Oh well, it is what it is... the most complete list of the most notorious scam providers who have run their game in Victoria since July 2015.  Believe me, this is essential reading for anyone planning on spending time with a lady working in the Victoria area.

Knowledge is power... And in this case, your best defence against falling victim to a potentially dangerous thief or con-artist. It breaks my heart anytime I hear of someone getting robbed, scammed or assaulted by one of these truly deplorable individuals. I urge everyone to be careful, and never let your guard down during any time you spend in the company of a girl with whom you are unfamiliar. The majority of these scammers are dangerous and highly unpredictable, so always make sure to watch for any signs that might indicate that a good time is the last thing she plans on showing you.

Recently, a PERB moderator posted a very stern message to all members of the forum. Their message slammed the actions of the many bullies and trolls who are ultimately responsible for the endless negativity, and  constant issues which plague PERB, and most of the other review boards currently in operation. I have both heard and seen for myself a shift away from the venomous banter and overall negative atmosphere on the forum. Perb is now only slightly less dysfunctional, but its a start. There is still a massive amount to be done, before Perb or any escort review board can ever hope to live up to their initial hype.


Thank you for reading this rather long, and not overly pleasant piece. I realize it's not the sexiest topic, but it's important.

Just had a perfectly pleasant beej session with Cherry. The girl certainly has some BJ skills, and made me very comfortable (actually my first time with an escort, only massages prior to this). She actually got me twice in the half hour that we had. Nice work lady!


I dont do reviews often but I wanted to add my review about Cherry. 

I had a great time with her, she warm and energetic. She gave it all to making me feel good. 

She feels great, large enhanced breasts fit well in my hands and she gave off the right sounds when I was sucking and nibbling on them. I am a breast man and I could not get enough of hers.

When getting down to business with Cherry we went at it first starting out on top, this allowed me good access to see and feel her. Then some missionary followed up by finishing from behind.


I had an excellent time with Cherry and will go back in the future. 

The pictures you see online are her.

I saw Cherry on Sunday night, and she was phenomenal. She greeted me at the door wearing a red dress and black fishnet stockings. She's gorgeous with a body that is like a walking wet dream.

Being my first time I was nervous, but she immediately made me feel comfortable and sat down beside me on her bed. She took her boobs out pulled me in close. She blew me for a minute, but I couldn't wait to drill, so she put a condom on me with her mouth and let me hit it.

Her boobs stand up when she lies down and her V handled all I had. Her V is perfect looking btw, and surprisingly snug. We only did missionary because I couldn't last long with her, she was fantastic.*

After we finished I had a quick shower and she asked me to sit back down with her. She rubbed her feet on my cock while she told me about herself for the next while. Btw, if anyone else here likes pretty feet as much as i do , hers are great. Definitely did not feel rushed.


Big boobs and small feet, a hit in my books!

i can only comment on her communication and that has been imho way above norm for a SP , she is quick and will discuss at length with her email responses . That alone is a + in my books

I had a great, long session with Sweet Cherry in Victoria. I had booked 2 hours. First 15 minutes or so was chat and making out, then 45 minutes of the best BBBJ I ever had (slow, then fast, back to slow, keeping me on the brink), followed by 45 minutes of hot, steamy, sweaty sex leading up to a big explosion, then 15 minute cuddle/cool-down.... That's how I like to do it.

I should have known better but had gotten out of the habit of using BP back home. Since I'm only here for the week and that is pretty much all that is available here I let my guard down and didn't ask the right questions. Live and learn. I should have gone with my gut instinct and contacted Cherry Soda like I have before. Then I would know exactly what I'm would be getting and know it would be an excellent session.

Body -Triple D's, Curvy Hips - 9
Services - So far the best Ive had here. period. - 10
Rates - literally the best and the most bang for your buck. - 10

I just saw Cherry for the first time and I can tell you this was by far

the most amazing time I have ever had. She is a beautiful lady with this cute as a button personality that will drive any man wild. I suffer from ED and normally can only go one round. Not so much a problem with Cherry she easily kept me hard and had more than one round. She went out of here way to make the entire experience personal and not like the normal SP / client appointments. We have all seen the ads where they claim to be unrushed and not clock watchers..(which we all know is not the case so much) Cherry is the exception to this, there was no rushing or clock watching. Really I can`t say enough about her, she truly is the one in a million, I will see her again that's for sure and to be honest, will probably only see her as anyone else would be 2nd best at most.


Thanks again Cherry! You really have made my week and you were definitely worth the wait!

You are right on the money... I also saw Cherry a while back and she was everything you mentioned. I opted for an hour session and it was well worth it. Prob one of the best bbbj's I've received in a long time and once I finished on her huge breasts we took a 5 min time out, talked a bit and then she went back down and continued where we had left off. 

I just saw Cherry for the first time and I can tell you this was by far the most amazing time I have ever had. She is a beautiful lady with this cute as a button personality that will drive any man wild.

I suffer from ED and normally can only go one round. Not so much a problem with Cherry she easily kept me hard and had more than one round.

She went out of her way to make the entire experience personal and not like the normal SP / client appointments.

We have all seen the ads where they claim to be unrushed and not clock watchers..(which we all know is not the case so much) Cherry is the exception to this, there was no rushing or clock watching. Really I can`t say enough about her, she truly is the one in a million, I will see her again that's for sure and to be honest, will probably only see her as anyone else would be 2nd best at most.


Thanks again Cherry! You really have made my week and you were definitely worth the wait!

I decided to give Cherry a go the other night.

She came over to my place, short dress, fishnets, boots. I thought she was cute. Has that bad girl kind of look to her. She's not a blond bombshell for sure, but for me, I prefer the real girl look. Cherry came in, quick kiss and asked to use the washroom. Minute later she was back, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me again, then dropped to her knees and started the most amazing bbbj I've ever had. The comments about this girl being talented are bang on.

Off comes her dress, i'm suddenly laying on the floor and she is riding my face. At this point we are still by the front door! I get up and we enter the games room and she is up on the pool table, legs pulled up and wide open. Nom Nom time!

After a bit she has me on the table, her huge tits wrapped around me, spitting on me and slurping away. Dam...i'm in a porn. Next, on comes the condom and she is riding me like a horse. This didn't last long because I was ready to blow so told her I wanted to be back in her mouth. She jumps down and removes the condom, starts going down on me again and tells me to cum on her tits and face.....OK.

We ended up having a drink and talking for awhile afterwards. I have no doubt that msog was available but I was good. She was not a clock watcher, she came off as being very much into the session and truly loves going down on cock. Very easy to get along with. From her pics online and the way others have talked about her, I figured she was going to be a small bbw. Nope, I thought she had a nice body. Tummy wasn't overly tight but there was nothing wrong with it. Besides, I have more of a keg than a six pack. Most comments seem to be about her looks. All I can say is she doesn't look 19, she has that hard core, kick your ass wearing a jean jacket look (remember the girls of langford back in the mid 80's?). Her looks might not be for everyone but i've never had a barbie slop up on me like that before. Will I repeat? Ummmm...YA!

I saw Cherry yesterday,there was something about her ads and the alternative sexy secretary look that appealed to me.

She stood out amongst the usual ads. I was impressed she gave a fantastic gfe experience and was responsive to my every need. I would repeat and plan to.

I only hope she hangs around Victoria long enough.Again your mileage may very, be nice ,be clean and I think you will enjoy your time with her as much as I did.

Cherry is a fun girl, If you enjoy big fake titties, you are going to love hers, as ******* pointed out, she is a bit of a techie, i like her set up personally , I have enjoyed my time with her

I have enjoyed her company, and yes i plan on repeating, I actually plan on emailing her and chatting with her about possibly recording the visit, all with her approval and set up i am hoping, and maybe, if she wants, add it to her collection of vids . I do not know if she does this but no harm in asking i figure.


It's true!   This sweet little dish is bright, witty, gifted and an exquisite companion.   Book an hour plus, because it's so easy to lose track of time with her.

I will repeat, she looks like her posted pics, sexy, somewhat alternative, some tattoos, enhanced bust. Service: I found her sexy, sensual, very talented orally. She was easy to get a hold of via text. She has a nice place dt, with a flat screen on wall playing porn. Rates, contact, pics easy to locate. 


It is bc of ladies like Cherry that I am still in this pooning business, it is like Al Pacino, I try to get out, but fresh busty ladies that want to spoil me like Cherry keep pulling me back in.

Not a regular but Cherry is so, into it, clean, rad pad


too.....if she hates what she's doing she is


the best actress on the planet. She is so


energetic she makes great porn


actresses seem lame when I watch now.

OK. So I just got home from a first time visit with Cherry.

I did not have as long as I would have liked for a first time meeting. I like hour long at least.

That being said. I had a great time with this sexy lady. If you like here candid photos you will not be disappointed when meeting.

I found her to be very easy to talk with. She has the coolest toys, no not that kind, electronic. So if you are a little bit of a geek you will love what she has done. 

Very open minded, but as I only had the half hour was a little rushed for me. I am usually one for more sensual play, and was asked all the right stuff as we were starting so went really well. I found her to be very willing and eager during the session. As I usually do not get into anything kinky, pretty vanilla here, everything I wanted was great.

So if you are looking for someone that likes what she is doing, or at least it seems that way, then Cherry would be for you.

WOW! Cherry is the one! Absolutely amazing experience


(YMMV i'm sure). But I will tell you now, it was absolutely the


BEST GFE experience of my 3 years in the hobby. We


absolutely connected 120%. It was so good, I went back for


another visit before I left town, and the 2nd visit was even


better than the first. I've had some pretty amazing


experiences in the past, but this one went straight to the top


of the list. My ATF by far! I would actually make a trip to


Victoria (From the U.S.) just to see my Sweet Cherry!

I can only speak for my own experience with Cherry Soda. I've seen her a few times and each time she was eager to please. I left satisfied and left looking forward to a repeat visit.

I found Cherry to be both enthusiastic and energetic. A better than average BBBJ and you can porn star pound the crap out of her and she still wants more. 

It was just a quick visit and it made that much of an impression... next time Im going back for a much longer visit... maybe I will add some details then

I am a disabled guy who has muscular dystrophy. I have been visited by cherry twice now & all I got to say is wow but no of course I got more to say than that lol... She has great energy & I enjoyed every second with her. With the form of muscular dystrophy I have, I can't move my own body at all with exception of my hands. Cherry knew how to adapt to my situation very well & she just made me feel so comfortable. My disability doesn't stop me from enjoying matters of pleasure & she's really good especially with oral . Before Cherry I used escort agencies, it was crazy as my caregiver couldn't be in the house which isn't safe for my situation whatsoever & the whole being under the clock is kinda stressful at least for me. 


I would highly recommend Cherry, you won't be disappointed.

Not a big review, just went to see Cherry for a bbbj at Lunch last week. Fantastic beej, lots of sucking and bls. Very thorough! Had a massive shot at the end. It was exactly what I needed that day, and super easy to set up.