My in-service location is fully accessible.

Everyone is welcomed to enjoy my services

I do not discriminate based on physical ability, age, size or race.

5+ years experience in assisting clients with physical disabilities overcome their unique challenges, so that they may enjoy my full range of services... Where there's a will, together we'll find a way!


   What services can I expect during my visit?   

I consider myself to be a free-spirited, open-minded individual. I offer 'all-inclusive' full service with very few restrictions... But what exactly do I mean by 'all-inclusive'?   

Will you be entitled to free meals, and drinks during our time together? Well, unfortunately, no. Please allow me to shed a little light on precisely what I mean when I say 'all-inclusive'. My brand of 'all-inclusive' may include some things you like even more than free meals, and complementary alchoholic beverages! While I know that was a foolish thing for me to say, I'm still almost certain there's a few things I include you'll like almost as much as free food, and complimentary booze... and yes, maybe even a little more!  


I don't have an extras menu, I do not 'up-sell', nor do I offer 'massage only' rates. There is only one fee, payable at the beginning of your session. After taking care of the initial payment, you have my personal guarantee that there will be no more charges, or any talk of a financial nature. This is mainly due to the fact that I believe the flow of a session plays a crucial role in the overall experience you will enjoy while in my company. I feel that discussing topics of a business nature, serves to spoil this flow, potentially having a negative effect on your session... A situation I view as completely unacceptable! 



    my full-service sessions may include:*  

 BBBJ         (bareback blowjob oral-without a condom) 


 DATY            (performing oral-licking pussy) 


 COF             (cum on face, facial) 


 LFK                  (light french kissing) 


 MSOG       (multiple orgasms) 


 COB              (cum on body) 

 COT          (cum on tits)


 GFE               (intimate girlfriend experience-includes kissing, cuddling, conversation-does NOT imply bareback) 


 CSPSE**   (CherrySoda Porn Star Experience)   

**Some of my clients find the fact they may have a portion (or the entirety) of their session video recorded makes them feel just like a real porn star! That however, is only the beginning...


I will then, edit the footage into something closely resembling a real-life adult film. The final edited version will then be posted here on, as well as to the Internet's top porn tubes,,,, and Then things start to really get fun...

Since posting my first three videos on in May 2015, I have become a bit of a sensation in the realm of amateur porn. I currently have an online library of 84 videos. Because of people re-posting my videos to countless different porn sites, (I have found my videos posted on 200+ different adult sites) it has become impossible to compile a 100% accurate total view count for my videos. However, a very conservative estimate, would be well over 15 million views.


On alone, my videos have been viewed 9.3 million times, earned my channel over 20,000 subscribers, as well as placed me at number 30 on the list of the Top 100 Porn Stars In Canada. Most recently, the overwhelming success of my videos earned me the honour of being named the Number One Amateur Performer in the World, in the rankings. Are you starting to see just how authentic my PSE actually is?

There is truly something to be said for being able to go online, navigate to your favourite porn site, and actually relive the experience we shared. Anytime of the day, you'll be able to watch yourself in action, and revel in the knowledge that the very video in which you co-star will eventually be seen by millions of people, the world over... Is that real enough for you?


   Do you cater exclusively to single men, or do you also entertain                        women and couples?     

Women are always welcome to contact me either with any inquiries pertaining to my services, or to book a one-on-one session. Some of my most memorable sessions have been those I've shared with women. To be completely honest, I'd love to share more special girl-to-girl time, as It's always been one of my favourites! 

I have always offered my services at 50% off my regular rate to females, who either visit me on their own, or as part of a couple, or group, which works out to $100 per hour for single females, or $300 per hour for a male/female couple. Due to the recurring issue of single guys who contact girls, and waste our time under the guise of being "interested in a session for me and my girlfriend", and the surprisingly high percentage of guys who think surprising their girl with a paid companion is a terrific idea, (guys... it probably is not) I do require that I speak to the female over the phone at the time of booking. This is only to ensure there actually is a female, and that she is fully aware of the situation.

I am also open to select group situations of all kinds. All male, female or a mix of both... I'm open to basically any dynamic where I feel I will be treated respectfully and my personal safety will not be at risk. So, no matter how wild your event, please feel free to contact me and see if i'd be interested ...the worst I will say is no!

Clip:: the cherry|soda bbbj
littlecreamsoda productions ©2015

   Do you offer greek?  


After a great deal of soul-searching, deliberation, and uncharacteristically hypocritical behaviour, I've decided to finally stop waffling on the issue of anal sex up until now, I've taken a wait -and see attitude, and my policy on this subject was wishy-washy at best. 
I always try my absolute best to please every client. Every time. Period. I will go the extra mile to ensure this happens, and try to always be a good sport, usually willing to try anything which falls within my comfort zone. 

The thing about greek is that it was forcing me to break one of my most important rules, and the way I conduct my service.I refuse to choose favourites, or discriminate against anyone. I refuse to allow myself to exclude a person from obtaining my services due to race, age, gender, stereotypical attractiveness, or social class. 

    I will refuse service to an individual if


they give me any reason to be concerned about my safety,   

they seem to be excessively intoxicated,   

they had disrespected me, or acted like an asshole at any time we were together, or communicating via phone, email, or text, or   

I have, or have had personal dealings with them at any point in my life, on a non-escort basis.   

Obviously, the last one has varying degrees, as in, if you rang my order through at the grocery store, I'll probably still see you, but if I had worked with you while I was in the military, I will not.


What does all of this have to do with anal sex, you ask? 

Well, I only felt comfortable providing clients this service, if they fell within a particular group of parameters. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to exclude many of my clients. The reasons weren't only the obvious physical limitation of a large penis, but also their overall attitude, how forward they were, the level of respect which they showed,  their willingness to follow direction, and their understanding of the most important concept of all... No means no.

All of these factors combined, meant I was excluding some, while others were included, and I decided that situation was unacceptable. Therefore, I will not be offering anal sex to any of my clients from this moment on.

My sincere apologies to those who truly desire this service, but I  have strong opinions when it comes to what passes as fair in this business, and I refuse to knowingly act in a hypocritical fashion. There are many fine providers, right here in Victoria, who's ability to offer this service on a universal basis makes me truly envious. I would be more than happy to provide you with the contact information of these ladies, as they are women I respect highly, and I know they will show you an unforgettable experience!

If you still think you'd like to see me, even though you'll only be able to access my front door, I'd love to see you, and I promise that I have an adequate level of skill to satisfy the most demanding of clients. Maybe even enough to make you forget I even have a back entry...;)
...and you can rest-assured that no other client will be receiving something you're being denied, because fairness, and honesty will always be two cornerstones of my approach to providing my top-notch services. 




   What services do you not offer?/What are your restrictions?   


The activities on my restrictions list are explicitly non-negotiable. If, during your time with me, you choose to petition me with arguments of why I should partake in one of these activities with you, I will request that you refrain from requesting services which I do not offer. If you continue to pester me with requests to do things I have made clear I do not participate in, your session will be terminated, and I will ask you to leave immediately. No full or partial refund will be offered.



    My list of restrictions:   

  BBFS  (bareback full service, sexual intercourse without a condom)      


For all activities involving penetrative intercourse, (vaginal sex) a condom shall be used. No exceptions. Ever.    

I really can't stress this enough... And I don't care to hear your twisted rationalizations on this, either. Unprotected sex with a sex worker is extremely reckless behaviour. I respect my personal safety, along with the safety of my clients far too much, to partake in such an insanely senseless act. 

Speaking of twisted rationalizations and senselessness, here is a very popular list which I've received repeated requests to repost, since it was removed from my etiquette section last year. The reason for it's popularity is obviously the list's too-far-fetched-not-to-be-fiction content, combined with the high level of sarcasm with which it was composed.


While I completely understand how this list could be seen as hilarious, it is actually quite serious. All of the following lines were actually used on me, in the hope they would convince me to forgo my condom policy, and have bareback sex with them.


Please enjoy the  the stupidity of this list, but please heed the warning it provides as well. There actually are people out there who are either completely ignorant,  oblivious to the extreme risks involved with engaging in unprotected sex with high-risk individuals. Or, are just so reckless, they simply don't care about their own safety, nor about the safety of anyone else... Remember, that could even be you.


One last time, let me state that I will not entertain the suggestion of bareback sex. It doesn't matter how many times you ask, how much money you offer or what sort of "genius" logic you try and dazzle me with. 

So, let's be safe out there, boys and girls! We can all take care of one other, by simply taking care of ourselves!  



  finally, the list...   


   I don't care if...


 you "just got tested"    (Supporting documents are easily forged, and even if they're not it's still no)


 you exclaim, "I'm married!"    (You're not only asking me... and how are you sure your wife is faithful? )  


 I'm "the only ho" you see   (Sure I am. Anyway, this concludes your final visit.)


 it will "feel so much better"   (Thanks for the tip... I had no idea!)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              you beg to just "put the tip in"   (Silly me! What could be on the tip?)  


 you ensure me I'm fine, "cuz (I'm) on birth control"    ( Again... not worried about pregnancy)  


 you "just got out of jail", so you "gotta be clean"   (Oh, right! There's no sex in jail, it's all guys.. .  ) 


 I deny your golden shower request, it's not "bareback time"   (Never in your wildest dreams, "Doctor")


   and finally, my all-time favourite... 


"I'll wear a condom right until I'm about to cum, then can I just blow it inside you?"  (Fucking genius!) 


   NOTE If you think it's a 'good idea' to remove a condom during sex, just because a girl isn't looking... Think again. Such clueless behaviours can carry consequences far worse than unwanted pregnancy, or contracting an infection. In addition to the high risk of STI transmission associated with having unprotected sex, your thoroughly disgusting actions can also net you serious charges under Canada's Criminal Code. These range from sexual assault, all the way up to rape . So, if you're a douchebag, who's favourite trick involves the before mentioned sleight-of-hand, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for your jollies. Because, if I catch you pulling this trick with me, you may end up experiencing the grandest 'disappearing act' of all. (Just to clarify, I'm talking about the effect legal repercussions can have on your freedom... Not your penis.)


  BDSM (bondage, domination, sado-masochism, a.k.a. 'kink')   


I'm often asked, 'are you fetish friendly?' No. Well yes, just not according to your narrow definition...


  What I mean, is that just like every other adult human, I have certain things which turn me on a lot more than I generally get turned on. That is what a fetish is, and we all have them. There are something like, fifteen-thousand identified fetishes, but there is a rather large group of folks who prescribe to a common misconception, which I'd like to clear  up right now... While the group of fetishes known collectively as BDSM, are in fact, fetishes, THERE ARE OTHERS. Many, many, many others. So please, don't ask me if I'm 'fetish friendly', because I honestly won't have a clue to which of the several thousand fetishes you are referring.  Actually, let me guess... BDSM? Anyhow, the answer is no.  


I will not entertain any acts which involve tying me up, or anything which will restrict my movements in any manner, such as ropes, handcuffs, or any other type of restraints.  I also will not tolerate any type of physical violence. This includes biting, punching, slapping, pinching, scratching, kicking, hair pulling, choking, wrestling whipping, flogging, or anything else which results in physical pain. If you choose to ignore this rule, I will give you one friendly warning. If the unacceptable behaviour continues, I will consider your actions as a personal assault. This is completely unacceptable not to mention illegal. Your session will be immediately terminated at that moment. If your session was an in call, you will be asked to leave immediately. If our session was an out call, I will leave immediately. Absolutely no refunds will be offered,or issued, no matter how much time remains in your session. If I consider the violence to be of an excessive nature, I will contact the police, and file an assault charge. Anyone who commits an act of violence against me, which I deem to be of an unacceptable nature, will incur the consequences I have mentioned. You've been warned.  


Oh, while we're on the subject of fetishes... No, I will not see you with an unclean, unwashed ass. I try not to be judgemental of what others happen to be into, but this one's a little too much for me, and something with which I am just not comfortable... and yes, that means at any price. Some things in life are far more important than money.


    CIM  (cum in mouth)      


I'm sorry, but you may not, under any circumstance, cum in my mouth. While I consider the risks associated with giving a BBBJ to a client who is freshly showered, to lie within my personal comfort zone , I am not comfortable with the added risks associated with having a mouthful of your semen. If your next thought is to say, 'just swallow it then'... Forget it. I don't swallow either. (see below)  If you do cum in my mouth, consider your session's  MSOG  privileges revoked. Your session will be  immediately terminated, without a refund of any kind. You will also be placed on my blacklist, as well as those of all ladies within my safety network.  


NOTE:  Claiming that you climaxed in my mouth 'by accident', is not an acceptable excuse. You've had thousands of orgasms, and you've been having them since you were like, twelve years old. Please do not try to insult my intelligence by telling me you had 'no idea' you were about to cum, because I know by now you are well-aware of when an orgasm is imminent... In fact, I'm certain there are few things you probably know better.   



    SWALLOWING  (see CIM above)     



    DATO  (rimming, ass licking, giving or receiving)


 The reason I do not offer this service can be summed-up in one word: Parasites. No thanks.


     DEEPTHROAT  (includes "throat fucking", "face-fucking" and all other forms of 'active' oral sex)     


Just because I've entertained it with other clients, and it appears in a few of my videos, doesn't automatically mean I wish to engage in this particular activity with you. The individuals in my videos, had proven to me on different occasions that they knew the meaning of "no" and "slow down". They had already proven to me that they'd respect my wishes, even when they weren't a direct reflection of their own. Respectful gentleman usually get whatever they desire with me (within reason)... in time. I basically never bend on any of my rules the first time we meet, and with some, (such as BBFS) I will never bend. Please don't think, 'well, I'm different', because you are only going to end up disappointed... and I hate disappointing any of my clients.   


   GS/SCAT  ( golden showers: urine, piss play, watersports scat: feces, shit play, hardsports)   


To each their own. but in my eyes...  These activities lie well outside my comfort zone, and in my opinion, raise too many serious health and safety concerns. I'm sorry, but I must respectfully pass on these. Thanks, but no thanks.   



    ANAL  (please see above section entitled "Do you offer greek?") 



    I've searched your entire site, but have not found your extras menu!?      


The reason you've been unable to find an extras menu anywhere on my site, is most likely due to the fact I don't have one. I simply don't believe offering extras would add in any positive manner to my service. As I mention in my response to the first question of this page, I believe that taking time in the middle of a session to discuss matters of a financial/business nature can only serve to disrupt your session's natural flow, potentially spoiling our time together, or at least making it less enjoyable than it could have been ...An outcome I consider simply unacceptable. My number one priority is to ensure every client has a top quality experience while they are in my company, each and every time they are in my company. The few extra dollars I would potentially earn, aren't worth compromising the quality of my services, or the time we spend together.    


As well, it is my opinion that extras can be a total cash-grab, as well as a rip-off. I charge what I feel is a fair price for my time, and that is the only commodity for which I charge. Another issue I have with extras, is the fact that they are often purchased at the height of sexual excitement... Not exactly the pinnacle of clear-headed thinking in most males. It's far too easy for a client to get carried away, ending up spending more money than they could afford... Sometimes, much more.


Sure. there are some girls who couldn't care less if they drove their clients straight into homelessness. Adversely, I would never be able to live with myself, if I played a role in any clients' downfall. I care immensely for each client I've been blessed to have, and I certainly would never want to even be a small part of the reason they were unable to pay rent, provide for their families, or any other sort of financial commitment. Quite honestly, I would much rather go hungry, than to be even partially responsible for a client getting in over their head with financial difficulty.

So, there you have it! All of the services which I offer, and those which I do not. Please remember it is my decision to not offer these services, and that decision is final. Yes, that means at any price.


I really hope this choice won't change your mind about seeing me, and that I offer everything you hoped I would!