The sole purpose of this page is to ensure the time we share is enjoyed to the fullest, by mitigating any potential issues before they can become problems. Oh... and because everything I cover in this section has actually happened... With many occuring more than once.


 I always try to provide my clients with clear and concise information concerning the types of behaviour of which I disapprove. I feel the more informed two people are on one another's likes and dislikes, the more likely the experience they share will be one upon which both parties will be able to reflect and smile.


Delivering genuine, caring, understanding and friendly service with a gentle, personal touch is what I do my best to deliver every session, with every client. However, you may have a few behaviours that while you see as being fine, I could find irritating, offensive or otherwise problematic. This could negatively effect the quality of your session, or cause me to see you as someone with whom I would not desire a repeat engagement. Likewise, you may see something here which offends you. If so, please feel free to let me know! Criticism is always welcomed, as long as it's constructive in nature. I would rather know of any issues beforehand, than for you not completely enjoy our time together.


I will always try my best to work through any such issues, prior to agreeing to meet a client. However, in the rare case a client and myself are unable to resolve the issue in question, I will be more than happy to recommend another provider, who would possibly be a better fit. I would much rather lose out on a couple hundred dollars, than put a client in a position where they could potentially feel they received less than they expected.


Knowledge is power. The main purpose of this page is to inform my clients of some common pitfalls which have caused issues with past clients/potential clients, and unfortunately had a negative effect on the time we shared.


I guarantee to make every possible effort to ensure our special time is everything you've envisioned... and hopefully more. 



I'm sure you will probably find my etiquette page to be unlike others you have read... It's unique in its straightforward and honest approach. I feel the topics covered here are essential, therefore I clearly state my opinion, doing my best to avoid any room for personal interpretation which can easily lead to confusion and misunderstanding. I believe this page, more than any other, should be crystal clear in it's message. It should inform anyone who reads it with the exact message I'm attempting to convey. Too often, intended meanings have been lost due to the writer utilizing flowery language to 'pretty up' difficult or awkward subject matter, or code words to avoid shady terminology. You'll see none of that here. Just the bare facts, delivered in a manner which I hope everyone finds easy to understand.


So please read the following information with an open mind. While I'm quite serious and passionate about these topics, please try not to take offence to my sarcastic, sometimes cynical style of delivery. It's almost completely tongue-in-cheek. However, please remember the information on this page is the most serious which I offer on the site, so I do ask you respect my wishes, and steer clear of the actions presented below.


Finally, if you are trying to gauge what type of girl I might be in person this page does not serve as the best barometer. The topics covered here are genuine problems I have encountered over the past six years. Therefore, I become quite impassioned when conveying these stories. When these issues are not present, I am a friendly, sweet and accommodating girl, who's only concern is ensuring your complete satisfaction. 


If we've yet to spend time together, and you are trying to get a feel for girl behind the words, pictures and videos, the remainder of my site is a much more accurate reflection of the real me!


...just please remember! When you follow the direction laid out on this page, you'll never see my "dark side"... which, in reality, actually isn't very dark. My bark is substantially worse than my bite.


The little emoticons you will find at the end of each topic title on this page are a more lighthearted way to represent the severity of each segment. The following legend gives insight into what each emoticon represents, by my corresponding emotional reaction:

😊 - happy

😳 - disbelief 

😞 - disappointment

😕 - slightly annoyed 

😒 - very annoyed

😡 - angry (or, at least as angry as I get)





A little respect.  😊

The minimum expectation I have of all my clients is that they treat me with respect. Most clients with whom I have interacted, have been great guys, who treated me in a respectful manner. However, even great guys are sometimes unaware of the subtle difference between communicating with a sex worker and a regular girl. Therefore, much of the time they probably don't even realize they're being disrespectful. Here's some examples of common client  behaviour which most sex workers find to be most undesirable...


​It is my sincere hope that these next few paragraphs offer a measure of insight into the complex relationship between escort and client, and will help ensure you and I share the best experience possible.






If being viewed as a disgusting douchebag by the entire sex work community is important to you, here's a free step-by-step guide... 😡


I promise, this page gets less intense as it goes. I mean, kicking-off in the fashion it does... how could it not?


Without question, the most stupid thing you could ever request from a sex worker, is sexual intercourse without using a condom. This type of irresponsible, reckless, self-destructive behaviour is completely taboo in the realm of reputable escorts, and is rarely tolerated. It very often will result in a client receiving a lifetime ban... for just mentioning this service.

If you absolutely insist on having unprotected sex, please stop wasting sex workers' time by thinking it's acceptable to request it from us. In addition to nearly every sex worker finding the idea downright repulsive, we simply don't have the time. Let me explain...


You contact a girl, and like a proper moron, request bareback services. The time we then must spend explaining why actually following through with such a plan is as dangerous as it is stupid, is, in itself, already wasteful enough. However, the display of "appreciation" we almost always receive, simply for presenting a factual explanation you didn't want to hear is another example of time we could have spent doing something more productive... Like washing a load of bedsheets... Or our hair. Instead, we will most likely be treated to a childish tantrum, complete with a litany of immature insults, all due to our excellent advice somehow bruising your fragile ego.

...and that's just the beginning of the extra work thrust upon us by such requests. We then must contact all other sex workers with whom we are friends to inform them of your tremendous accomplishment! It's quite rare for a client to achieve the high honour which being placed on Victoria's central blacklist represents, but you've done it, Mister O. Natural. Congratulations, and good luck finding an escort willing to see you anywhere on the island!


I guess your sexual encounters will now include an expensive sail with BC Ferries... and here you thought a condom spoiled the mood! Maybe you can look at the added travel as being a manly adventure on the calm seas. Who knows, it might even increase your prowess with those Vancouver ladies! Just don't allow that heightened false sense of masculinity to cause you to forget the lessons you learned back on the island. Ask for bareback over there, and you may just find your pool of sexual options is as empty as the area of your brain responsible for common sense!


While that was fun to write, participating in unprotected sex with a sex worker is no joking matter. It is one of the most foolhardy endeavours imaginable. Even if an escort claims she is a low-volume provider, only seeing a few clients a week, that is still over 150 different partners every year! The annual total for the average sex worker is around 400, with many seeing twice that or more... Every year.


You may have seen the statistics which show sex workers to have a lower rate of STI infection than that of the general public. Do you honestly think that is a result of reckless sexual behaviour? Of course not. Sex worker rates of infection are as low as they are, due to our strict adherence to common safe sexual practices, which include using protection every time we engage in sexual intercourse.


Facts are facts, and the fact of the matter in this case, is that all escorts, high-volume, low-volume, or basically no-volume, have sexual contact with an inordinately large number of people. Then, take into account the number of people with which the client has had sexual contact. Now, everyone with which all of those people have had sexual relations, and so on, and so on... If you look at this objectively, the potential risk is at a level which has to be considered beyond ridiculous, as the number of people in these two people's sexual chain could easily be in the hundreds-of-thousands, or even millions. (I realize those numbers sound impossible, so I urge you to do a little online research. You'll likely be as shocked as I was to learn how rapidly the tally increases.)


If you think those are good odds... do yourself a favour, and skip that Vegas weekend you've been planning.


Simply never request bareback sex with an escort. Honestly, if you do get up enough stupidity to ask, the best outcome you can reasonably hope for, is that she'll just stop conversing with you, and that will be that... but I wouldn't count on getting off that easily.


What you can more likely count on, is getting chewed-out, while being educated on the harsh realities of unprotected sex with high-risk individuals. The subject of conversation will then most likely shift to how she will never see you, or even answer your calls... ever again. 


...ouch. There's more girls than just her around though. Right?


Well... Maybe. 


I can't speak on the climate of escort-to-escort relations in other cities, but in Victoria and the remainder of Vancouver Island, they are rather good. Personally, I have many ladies with whom I confide, and even consider to be good friends. I can assure you that anyone who makes the mistake of requesting bareback from of any of us, can pretty much write off any chance of seeing any one of us. Ever. 


Yes, that means forever... Because it's rare that an individual reckless (not to mention nasty) enough to make such a request, is even able to change.


Thinking of pulling the old, "I was only testing you, to make sure you didn't do it ...and you passed!", bullshit? Don't waste your time, Mr. 'Au Gratin'... (think about that) We stopped falling for that little piece of reverse psychology 'genius' after about the third time it was used. Where I'm not sure of any way to check and see if someone is lying, short of a lie-detector, the mystery of if you were "only testing me" will go unsolved... leaving only two certainties in it's wake:


a) I passed!


b) you failed... and are therefore banned.


While this admittedly could seem a bit unfair, it shows there really is no "bareback test". The only thing clients have to go off, is the information shared in forums, their  instincts, and their own gut feelings. (kind of like us ladies!)


Don't worry, in the end you'll likely be rewarded by finally locating the few escorts who resort to having unprotected sex with their clients... As they will be the only ones willing to see you... Lucky, lucky you?


Sure, there are sex workers who offer bareback services, just realize there is no chance they're offering that little "perk" to you only. I will end my rant on this... Never forget that when gambling, the odds are never in your favour... Only this time, the wager you'll be laying down is the most important thing any of us possess... Your health.


You'd better hope to fuck you don't roll snake eyes.


It would probably be wise to blow on those dice one more time...

Thankfully, this section does not apply to the vast majority of the client base here in Victoria. Something about which we girls couldn't be happier!! Just please remember, while most of ladies have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who would even consider engaging in this activity... not all escorts do. 

If you are offered this service by any sex worker, tell them, 'thanks, but no thanks', and depart their company, before doing anything. As tempting as this ill-advised offer may sound, the potentially devastating effects on both your sexual, and overall health from engaging in this reckless act even just one time, are hardly worth the few short minutes of pleasure you would derive.


In closing, I want to assure you that there is nothing you can say, or any amount of money you could offer which will do anything to sway my opinion on this subject. 





All you're asking is for a little extra time.

   (only most of you aren't asking) 😡 

...the truth is, too many of you are taking.


I am not a clockwatcher. Basically every session I have goes over by ten or twenty minutes... Sometimes even more. I don't mind this, as I was probably enjoying myself and would never want anyone to think they were rushed or feel unwanted, because nothing could be further from the truth.

As I do not watch the clock, I expect you to be aware of the approximate time. If you see we're getting around the thirty minute mark of overtime, I would be delighted, if you mentioned that. If you just figure you'll be better off "just letting it ride", and squeeze out as much time as possible, you may find I'm not as responsive the next time you contact me. 

However, more and more clients are beginning to take advantage of my generous nature. This is unfair, and will not be tolerated. I thoroughly enjoy my time with every client, but please understand I am running a scheduled business. I am a very kind, understanding person, which makes it extremely difficult to even drop hints to a client that their time is up. As a result, some clients knowingly overstay their scheduled time... sometimes by great amounts.


This behaviour is extremely rude, selfish, and is completely unacceptable. Would you ever hang around your lawyer's office after they had finished with your consultation, with the expectation they would be open to discussing other concerns you had? Better yet, would you ever expect them to do it free of charge?


If you answered that question honestly, your answer would of course be no. Why then, is it okay to expect the same of me or any other girl you may visit?


That's easy. It's not.

All escorts run scheduled businesses, just like doctors, or any other professional you'll go to see. If you just hung around after they were finished consulting with you, they would at a minimum, think you were remarkably weird and probably instruct their receptionist  book you another appointment in the future to address any additional issues or concerns. Correct? 


It's like this... When you greatly overstay the time you've scheduled with any professional, then simply ignore the fact you have, while offering no compensation... You are stealing. The 'product' I sell is my time. Therefore, if you occupy my time and do not offer any sort of compensation, then you are stealing. It's really that simple when you think about it.


I will most likely never ask you to leave, as I am simply not that kind of person. The vast majority of my sessions already go over by five, ten or twenty minutes. I don't watch the clock, and always offer MSOG on every appointment, regardless it's length. Most of my clients are very respectful of  both me and my time, but it only takes a few bad apples to spoil everything for everyone. A point the next paragraph illustrates perfectly...


I no longer offer fifteen or thirty minute sessions. The main reason for this decision is I enjoy sessions which are longer in duration. I find sessions of one hour or longer, provide the time required for me to deliver exceptional service, as well as allowing for a substantially improved personal connection... Something which nearly always leads to a more satisfied client, and a better overall session. 

The secondary cause of this policy change, is due to the fact that these shorter sessions were by far the most abused by clients. Fifteen minute sessions would be stretched out to 25-30 minutes, with half-hour sessions regularly going beyond 45 minutes. I don't mind being generous to those who extend generosity to me, however, the members of the 15/30/45 club don't generally tend to be the most generous souls around. 


This situation was only worsening. With no signs of improvement, I was forced to suspend the availability of all sessions under one-hour in duration.

I would like to emphasize that I haven't changed. I'm as sweet as I've always been, and I'm really trying my hardest not to come off like a bitch. ;) Those who have seen me can attest i am not like that at all. However, this is a very disrespectful action, and if I see repeated occurrences from any client, I will unfortunately be forced to decline any of their future requests for an appointment. 


In closing... 


never watch the clock. 

Being conscientious and respectful of my time is all I'll ever ask in return.



"I got called into work! I was supposed to let you know..?" 😞

If you must cancel an appointment...

Please do it as far ahead as possible.  Any heads-up is better than a stand-up! I, like all escorts, do this to survive. This is how we make our money to pay our mortgage, or rent, buy our food, and live our lives. No-shows and last second cancellations are responsible for large losses every month... please help us cut down on this by simply letting us know ahead of time if something has come up. 


A lot of girls have a 24-hour policy, which means, if you fail to notify them less than 24 hours in advance, you're on the hook for the cost of that appointment... 100% of the cost. But, being the caring, understanding person (some would say sucker) I tend to be, as long as you cancel your appointment before you're supposed to be here, we should be cool. BUT, if you do not cancel until after your appointment was to have begun, or you're a 'true gentleman', and just didn't feel it necessary to call at all... you unfortunately fall under my much meeker, stand-up policy.


​My stand-up policy is... If you don't show up for an appointment without any cancellation notice, or cancel after the time your appointment was to have begun, I will not see you unless ​​you are willing to pay the 'I'm a Real Stand-Up Guy'  fee. The fee is $100, and payable at the beginning of your next appointment on top of the rate for that appointment. Plus, as you hand me the fee you must say, 'I'm a real stand-up guy'. because at that moment you truly are.


No  exceptions.

​No  excuses. :)                                                                                                                            




I I really hate to be a stickler for detail, but you texted me. 😳

I feel like this is one of the worst offences committed by clients... and it happens nearly every day. While I totally get the fact you have no reason to go out of your way for me, I am a person and therefore deserve to be treated with respect. I 'm nice enough to reply to your text at 3am and invest my time into texting with you. The least you could do in return is pay enough attention to what you're doing, that you don't lose track of who I am. I'm not sure how many girls you guys are texting at once, but if you can 't remember who is who, I'd have to venture a guess that it may be too many.

But that's not even the worst part...

These"gentlemen" get tripped up with their one-handed typing hire-wire act, ultimately becoming so confused they lose a grip on who is who. (bet they don't lose grip on something else though) Instead of stepping back  regrouping for a second and finding the phone numbers in our ads, they ask, "who are you again?" or "send me the link to your ad baby". (only they spell it "add", sorry but I can't force myself to look that stupid... Okay, maybe I am a stickler for detail...)


So, I'm not only dealing with someone who possesses questionable skill in spelling , and lacking the wherewithal to keep track of three or four different escorts, with whom he is undoubtedly having the most shallow conversations imaginable, I'm dealing with someone who has so little respect for the girls he is texting with, he won't even invest minimal effort to try and hide the fact that he views sex workers as second-class trash. 

When anyone treats me in this manner, the last thing they receive is a link to my advertisement. I don't have that on hand, and why is that my responsibility? It was you who texted me after all. What I give them instead is a cold shoulder, sometimes punctuated by a piece of my mind. Surprisingly, this usually snaps them out of their bubble of self-centred entitlement. Realizing I'm not the kind of girl who is begging for anyone's business, they  apologize and start doing their own legwork. Anything less, and they should consider themselves lucky if I ever answer another text from them, let alone ever see them.

Let me close this topic with a tip... Start the conversation off with a salutation which includes the name of the girl with whom you are texting. Not only is it the proper thing to do, it comes in mighty handy should you become confused later on in your conversation.



I hope I'm not sounding like too much of a bitch here...because trust me, I am so far from that mentality. I'm very sweet, and this is why I hate having have this page on my site. :( last thing. I really hate to be such a bitch on this page, because I really do love & appreciate all of you, but maybe you guys were never taught these life lessons... so here's another...


​When you text a girl, with the customary 2 am, 'avail? rates...?' message, don't just disappear like a friggin' ghost who passed through in the middle of the night... because that's just creepy. 

If you don't like the answers I give to your questions, then at least say goodnight... 


I am almost certain that is what your Mother would have taught you to do. ;)




I "...but I get off on booking appointments for which I have                              no intention of actually showing." 😡


***rant alert!*** If you've read the title and asked yourself, 'who would do that?', then you can skip this one. But if you choose to read on, please don't take offence, (unless you're one of the morons who does this) as this segment is directed exclusively at those who are guilty of the before mentioned foolishness.


To all who partake in this phenomenally productive pastime, please grow up. Is it only booking appointments with escorts that gets you hot? Or can you get off to booking your chiropractor, barber, and psychiatrist (you know you see one) as well?

I don't really know what you seem to think you're proving by doing this? In reality however, you're not only wasting my time, but your own as well.

You're pathetic and really need to get a hobby or better yet, a life. Just because your time is worthless, doesn't mean everyone's is.

And never forget... Karma is a bitch, and she may be lining you up in her sights right now.

Put the phone down... No, put it down. I know it gives you a chubby, but just put it down.                                                                                                                  


"Let's be friends."  ...Let's not. (please know it's not personal) 😒


This subject has been on my website since it was launched approximately five years ago... but still, I get countless people every month who blatantly defy the direction offered in this section, even after swearing they have read it.

This makes things extremely awkward, and could very well lead to future refusal of services.

Please remember... 

Yes, these instructions apply to you. They apply to everyone who reads them.



My professional and personal lives are completely separate, and never the twain shall meet... absolutely never.


Please don't ask if I am single, because it is both creepy and none of your business. 


At that precise moment, I know your intentions are more personal than professional or, that you are having doubts about your safety during the time you will be in my company. If so, you've likely just forced me into the awkward position where I must refuse you my services. Please try and see it from my point of view... The best case scenario here, is that you have concern that I have a jealous boyfriend who is going to jump out of the closet, and attack you, while you’re in the rather compromised position of being naked, and balls deep in my pussy, or some other such unfortunate situation.


While I can totally agree that there probably aren’t many worse situations in which one could find themselves, whilst under an attack of the unexpected kind, please do not worry about anything even remotely close ever occurring. If it so happens that I do have a man in my life at the time we get together, I assure you that he will be both totally aware of what is going on, and is completely understanding of the fact that he plays no role in my work. You have my solemn oath that you will not see him, nor will he see you. My client’s privacy comes first. In over six years of escorting, not once has a negative issue arose in the area of client privacy. I view client privacy as one of the most important elements of sex work, therefore, it is something which I do not take lightly. I am as honest with any men who are fortunate enough to be invited into my life, as I am with my clients. I believe that being completely honest, and open with all parties involved, is the best way to avoid unwanted drama.

A worse case scenario would play out in the same awkward manner which it always has anytime a client has displayed or expressed inappropriate feelings...

Or, a client could very well be looking into my personal situation, because you have far more sinister intentions in mind. Either way, I will most likely refuse you my services, and that really does nothing for either of us, so just please don't do it!


Whether I am seeing six people or none, it’s just not something I want to bring into my work life. While we are together, you are the only man in my world, and I don't want to discuss any others. I promise the experience you and I have together will back up my last statement. You will feel like my one and only, because during the time we spend together, you are.

Which leads me into my next subject...​ 

Never ask me out on a date off the clock. The answer will never be yes. Never.

​I can't really think of anything more awkward, unacceptable, or selfish that a client could possibly ever do. 

I love and appreciate you guys. So when you basically force me to crush your feelings, it kills me,. It is extremely unfair. Please, just don't ever make me do it. However, don't foolishly think I won't be up front with you, just because I hate saying no. I will say no every single  time. 

Client|provider relationships have led to some of the most spectacular crime scenes ever. No thanks. I have witnessed a few relations of the client-turned-boyfriend kind first hand... Sureeeeeee you're okay with what I do... fast-forward six weeks to the unfortunate train-wreck. No thanks... I'm good. I'm very happy with my life. I 'm not interested in having it turned upside-down.

While there admittedly have been success stories,. I guarantee that I will never be one! 

Men and women working in the sex trade must have rules for themselves to follow in order to keep the lines of  their personal/working lives from becoming blurred. I believe this is true for anyone who wishes to keep their sanity, and/or hopes to achieve longevity in sex work.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to go on a date with you anytime... however, it must be on the clock. 

I love going out to dinner, to the movies, or even bowling! 


Just please remember, my full hourly rate always applies.

Yes, even if you consider yourself very attractive, and have offered to pay for my drinks. 


    A Very Cherry Strange & Unusual Fact:

By far, the worst offender in the "but, you're so much more than just a hooker to me" 

realm, is not the type of guy most people would automatically think...

It is actually the under 30, six-pack abs, good-looking, smooth-talking, ladies-man...

Fuck. Whoever thought those guys were so sentimental?​​ 

...and where the hell were they prior to my becoming an escort???


The fine line between 'familiarization texts' and

    'free sex chat'.😕


If you text me for a purpose other than; 

-booking an appointment, 

-requesting a change in your appointment time/cancellations, 

-or because you have a particular question|request directly related to my services or this website, 

I respectfully request that you refrain from texts of an overtly sexual nature, and you try to keep the length of our conversation under 30 minutes. I don't watch the clock during my sessions, so it's my policy to not watch it while engaged in 'familiarity chats' with prospective clients. I will give one friendly reminder of this policy. clients who choose to continue to ignore these two simple requests, may unfortunately have any upcoming booked appointments cancelled. 

While this may seem a little extreme, did you know there are girls who have a "five text policy"? Believe it or not, some girls even include texts received for the purpose of booking a session under this insane policy. If you're five texts are used up and you've booked, but have not yet been given an address... Too bad. The worst part is... I'm not joking. There are some girls who actually harbour that level of disdain for their job and their clients... So don't you dare complain about my thirty minute policy, mister! I am really only asking you to look at things from my point of view... If you won't listen, and respect my wishes when we're just texting, how am I able to trust things will be any different in person?

...and thats an added risk in which I am simply not interested.

Mis-adventures in latex*😕


Here's one that's a bit odd, and I have a hard time believing I even have to say this. 

*When we're finished and you must find a place to dispose of the condom, please dispose of it in the washroom, either in the waste receptacle or by flushing it.

Believe it or not, I have found them in all areas of my condo. On the floor, under my pillow, stuffed down the crack in my sofa, on my electronics shelf, and somehow even on my kitchen counter.


As amusing as I may sometimes find this... It's lazy, unsanitary and just plain gross. 


So, just to recap... I don't enjoy playing "find the prophylactic", or any other type of unpleasant condom-related surprises.



"I don't think I'd pay that for that".😡


Believe it or not, there have been potential clients who've actually texted that after being given my rates. In a couple of those cases I'd even taken taken a few hours out of my busy schedule to text with them, because they were 'nervous about it'. 


​I care an immense amount about each and every one of my clients. All I ask in return is respect both for myself and for the few simple requests I make.


One of my most important requests is please don't try to dicker over my rates. It is very insulting to me and all sex workers, to have the price we ask in return for our time, challenged. Remember guys, this is not a car you're renting. Every sex worker is a human being first. Just like you, we have hopes, dreams and ambitions. Please remember, there are plenty other things we could be doing, and other people we could be doing them with. 

The rate I have chosen is what I believe that my time is worth. And really, who but myself could ever put a proper value on such a commodity?​


So please, if you are unable, or simply don't want to pay my rate, don't try and bargain with me. Save us both the disappointment and frustration. I'm always easily contacted, and would love to chat with you anytime and possibly set up a shorter appointment which would better suit you financially, or book an appointment for you anytime in the future. That way, you have the time to save the money, and something to look forward to at the same time!

Another popular technique which is commonly used in the epic battle over rates, is the, 'but, I only have $50, or $120' trick. This seems like a good idea, right? I mean, sex workers are amongst the most desperate, and greedy members of society, so of course we'll be happy to get any crumbs you may throw in our direction. Right?

Sorry, but this isn't a McDonalds parking lot, and I'm not a seagull.  Sex work stereotypes are a dime a dozen, and rarely reflect reality. The, 'I only have xx dollars' trick is rooted in the stereotype that sex workers are poor and desperate for money. Miraculously, once they see you are indeed firm on your rate, they miraculously have the $200. This stunt is as transparent as it is disrespectful and dishonest. If you try this, it won't likely matter how far you backtrack... Sorry, but the only thing you've successfully negotiated, is an evening which will not be including time with me. 

I" truly don't know why I even have this section, as only about 3% of clients actually respect us enough to not  challenge our rates. I think I speak for all sex workers, by extending a huge 'thank-you!' to each and every one of the true gentlemen who comprise that rare, and very much appreciated 3%"     


UPDATE:  I am very pleased to announce the above section which is highlighted in green is no longer accurate. Over the past two years, I have noted a sharp decline in the number of clients who request discounts. I'm not really sure why this has occurred, but the numbers are now inverted. I would estimate that close to 97% of my clients happily pay my regular rate, with 3% still haggling... and not seeing me.


A sincere thank you to everyone who played a part in this remarkable turnaround, I truly appreciate your gentlemanly and generous actions!                                                  






In closing... 😊


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my etiquette page! I tried to write out the lessons here through the eyes of the average sex worker. I know many girls in the sex work community, both in person locally, along with many amazing girls with whom I've been able to share stories and experiences via online forums. In the end, we all need to remember the importance of the way we treat others. Basically everything in life comes down to our attitude and the level of respect we afford others. People appreciate respectful treatment and it will usually earn you the same in return! 


If you follow the gentle direction these few paragraphs have hopefully provided, you and I will share an experience which we both are sure to remember for a long time... For all the right reasons.


I truly hope I haven't offended anyone and that my loyal clients (and those whose business I've yet to earn) understand why this page, and these recommendations are so necessary.  A concise outline of one's expectations is the best way to avoid future problems...  and that goes for clients, every bit as much as providers.


Love you all!

Now, be nice! ...I'm serious.