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Hello! Welcome to my website.


Escort websites suck.

Generic cookie-cutter templates. Vague details. Nondescript photos. No video...


To say the landscape of the modern day escort website is bleak, would be a monumental understatement.

When I began create the new cherrysoda.ca, I had one goal in mind... To deliver an experience which would change my visitors expectations of escort websites. I wanted to create a site that challenged the seemingly endless list of misconceptions surrounding sex work, while debunking age-old stereotypes. I wanted to create a site that provided content which was actually entertaining, instead of providing just enough of a tease to lure-in potential clients.

I get it. Sex work is a purely capitalist concept of which the sole purpose is to make money. As sex workers, our websites are supposed to be nothing more than promotional tools, designed to increase the number of clients we receive. They were never intended to be stand-alone sexual aids. Traditionally more akin to an appetizer than an entrée, the nearly universally accepted model states that websites offering more than a tease serve as a liability, actually losing more business than they create. 























I take issue with this idea.


It is my belief that, even when shared between strangers, intimate sexual interaction is a deeply personal experience. Therefore, I recognize the value in an escort website that delivers a great deal more than is traditionally recommended. I realize this approach may cost me a few impulse clients here and there, but I feel these losses are offset by the future clients I will gain through the genuine personal connection which my website promotes.


In the end I may be wrong. There certainly could be a greater number of potential clients who prefer a more anonymous experience, including a girl they know absolutely nothing about. Admittedly, clients from this group represents least three-quarters of the clients I see. In reality, every sex worker spends a great deal of time wading around the shallow-end in life's pool of interpersonal interaction. which is natural for two people who, despite having never before met, are about to engage in an extremely intimate act.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

In the end, I'm much happier and fulfilled when I, at least give my clients the open of a more personal and intimate encounter. Don't worry... If you'd rather keep things totally anonymous and non-personal, I am quite adept at playing that role as well!


Whether you're visiting cherrysoda.ca to check out my extensive catalogue of amateur porn videos, massive photo gallery featuring pictures from throughout my adult entertainment career or in search of information concerning my erotic personal services... I am confident cherrysoda.ca will satisfy almost any need or desire.


Despite everything my website offers, many guys are left wanting more. If this happens to you, then your only option is to visit me in my downtown Victoria studio, or request I come to you, and let mel treat you to my exclusive hands-on approach and my top-notch customer service... I assure your total and complete satisfaction.        
























When I sat down to create the latest incarnation of cherrysoda.ca, my main goal was to provide visitors with an experience which was both passionate and intensely personal. I fully understand the necessity behind the vague and non-specific nature of most escort websites. However, the vast majority of those sites are intended strictly for promotional purposes, almost exclusively catering to either those who reside locally, or travellers visiting their city.  

Since I began posting videos depicting real sessions I've enjoyed with some of my actual clients to a number of online porn sites, (a huge thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have volunteered to co-star) I have gained a considerable fanbase which continues to grow at a completely unexpected rate. Internationally, there are now thousands of CherrySoda fans, scattered across nearly every country on the planet. I'd like to send out a huge thank you to these very appreciated folks, for their incredible level of support... Support for which I will never feel truly worthy. In fact, I've received enough support that my videos boast a view count of nearly ten million on xVideos.com alone. In mid-May 2018, that incredible support earned yours truly xVideos' number one ranking amongst all amateur performers on the planet... I'm still kind of in shock, but thank you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Okay! Getting back on track with what I was saying... Don't get me wrong. I believe in free enterprise, and fully agree that in our predominantly capitalist society, girls have every right to charge for anything they please. I'm strictly speaking from a place of personal ethics. A sex worker with no clients is only thirty days from homelessness, yet so many girls see their clients more like a necessary evil, than what they actually are... The clients who utilize their service, and ultimately provide the financial support upon which those girls depend to live the lives they enjoy.


I've never been the unappreciative kind. I know where the money I earned came from, so I'm going to show my appreciation in any little way possible. That is the reason why every single video and photograph I've ever released has always been made available to anyone to enjoy, free of charge... and that will never change.

In the end, the peanuts received by any escort who charges for promotional material, such as erotic photography or video, will be far less than the added profits she would have enjoyed, had she fully leveraged the promotional value of that same material, by posting it to a public forum, and allowing it to be viewed free of charge. Instead, greed, and the silly, long-held belief in adult entertainment which states, "you never give anything of value away for free" caused her to waste her time, and possibly her money through the creation of a video which will most likely only be viewed by a handful of people. Let's be honest... How many people are really going to spend their hard earned money on something which is so easily obtained for free?

The video will eventually end up getting pirated, and posted across the Internet for free anyway...

So what's the point, girls?

Admittedly, I probably lack some of the "shrewd business savvy" of my peers, but would I honestly want to operate my service in the same nickel-and-dime-obsessed hyper-accountable manner so commonly seen in the corporate realm? Trust me... I lack the required focus, and I'm just not the greedy type.


Call me crazy, but I still believe in concepts such as; "you must spend money to make money", and even the insane notion that today isn't humanity's last day on earth, or with any luck, mine. Therefore, I must maintain a healthy amount of foresight, as I sincerely hope that I have many years remaining in this career.


While I view my website as a valuable promotional tool for myself and my services, I don't feel it should be used as a source of ancillary revenue, or as a vehicle for unfair marketing tactics, such as having a website designed to arouse potential clients, only to leave them hanging. I am too concerned they could be pressured to possibly book a session they cannot really afford. I am busy enough without conducting myself in a way which is tricky or dishonest, so why compromise my personal values in the name of a few more dollars? There are some things in life which are far more important than money.

Since I began escorting, I've enjoyed a plentiful client base. Therefore, if a few clients happen to take care of themselves, aided by my erotic content, I don't get worried... I'll still be able to eat. There is also a very good chance that I have formed a connection with that "lost" client... definitely a better chance than if I had have provided some teaser material which left them hanging and frustrated, or booking a session they couldn't afford.


In other words, I try and avoid the short-sightedness which seems to plague so many of my colleagues. I'm one of the few adult entertainers of which I'm aware, who is willing to give a little, in hope of receiving a long-term gain... Or maybe I'm just a generous girl. Either way, I' wasn't a greedy person before becoming a sex worker, and I see no reason to become that way now.


So please explore my site! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! Everything is accessible, and 100% free to enjoy! Again, I'd like to thank you so much for your support. It is truly appreciated!

Much love ...and once again, thank you!


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