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CherrySoda's beautifully enhanced breasts


Different... In the best way imaginable.


For those of you discovering me for the first time, or only possess a passing knowledge of me and what I'm all about, please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is CherrySoda. (but please feel free to call me Cherry... We're all friends here, after all!) I am an independent escort and amateur porn star, living and working in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Since 2012, I have worked hard to build a solid reputation as one of Victoria's most honest, trustworthy, generous and enjoyable providers. I find myself in a uniquely lucky position, as I possess an uncommon love of nearly every aspect of sex work.


Another way I differ from most sex workers, is the manner by which I entered sex work. I was in no way forced, coerced or manipulated by anyone. Desperation played no role in my decision. I was fortunate to have not been molested as a child. As I was already financially comfortable, so it wasn't even an uncommonly aggressive love of money that motivated my decision. 

You're probably wondering why then? Why would I have ever gotten involved in sex work? You might find my answer rather surprising...

    Sex work is the only field of employment for which i've ever felt a true sense of passion.

I'm sure you've heard a person make a statement along the lines of, "No one has ever said, 'when I grow up, I want to be a whore...'". I've heard that tired and outdated stereotype more than once over my lifetime. Now, if you happen to ever hear that false statement, you can call bullshit, as you now know at least one person who did!


Of course, I'm completely aware my story is the exception, and unfortunately not the rule. In an ideal world, everyone would love their jobs, but as I'm sure you're aware, ours is far from an ideal world, and for most, sex work is far from an ideal job. I'm just glad that I have a job that fits my admittedly unique perspective, which centres around bringing others pleasure!

Well, enough about my personal ideals, and boring stories... If you've only recently become aware of my existence, you would probably like a physical description. So here you go...

If you happen to like short girls, then you're in luck! I'm only five feet tall, and proof positive of the expression, "dynamite comes in small packages". I'm a rather curvy girl, with lots to love... especially when it comes to my chest! If you fancy yourself a boob-guy, then you're going to love my beautifully enhanced 38DDDs. In case you're unaware of what I mean by "enhanced", I'm talking implants. I know a lot of guys don't like the look and feel of fake boobs, but I assure you that mine are basically indistinguishable from the real thing, in both feel and appearance... They just happen to be really big!


















              "Sex work is the only field of employment  for which I've ever  felt a  true  sense of passion."


If you've never spent time with a sex worker, you have nothing to be concerned or nervous about. If you choose to see me, you'll be able to fully relax, and simply enjoy yourself... because you're going to be in for a treat! It's been said many times that I am a good starting point, for anyone who is inexperienced, and new to the scene. My friendly and welcoming nature will have you relaxed in no time, so you'll be able to concentrate on much more important things...;)

Time with me is never rushed. In fact, I routinely go over the time for which my clients have paid... Sometimes by a lot! I know that might strike you as odd behaviour for a sex worker, but what else can I say... I love my work. When I'm having a great time, just like you, I don't want it to end... So, unless one of us has a prior commitment, why does it have to?

I realize that many of my peers have done a lot of very bad things to good clients. Guys who were only looking to have a little fun, but ended up receiving the exact opposite. I for one, find the behaviour of these girls to be beyond deplorable, and wish to assure you that you will never experience dishonest, or unethical behaviour of any kind during the time we're together. I am very honest and gentle person. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt or upset anyone. It simply is not in my nature. I am appreciative of every client I see, and view your business as a privilege and not as something to which I am entitled. 

The topics I've covered here, are really nothing more than a brief overview of what you can expect if we get together. In order to fully appreciate just how amazing the CherrySoda experience can be, one must experience it for themselves.


I confidently guarantee that any time you and I share will be enjoyable and memorable... Not to mention, worth every last penny...and then some! One thing is for certain... You will always leave satisfied and never end up disappointed.