Unchanged since February 2013, my rates represent the best value currently available in the Victoria escort community. I guarantee you will not find a better rate on a girl possessing my level of experience, excellent reputation or high caliber of service.

Rates applicable to both in and out call service. No extra charge for outcall service to Victoria, Colwood, Langford or Sidney. For all other areas, please contact me for information on transportation fees.


All rates listed in hours,  per person.

Thirty minutes may be added to any solo session for $100.

Thirty minutes may be added to any couples session for $150

Minimum one hour booking is required for all sessions.

*Twenty-four hour notice required for Daily/Multi-Day sessions.

Female clients pay a flat rate of $100 per hour.

two ......... 600.

two ...... 380.

four ....... 1200.

five ...... 800.

one ......... 300.

three ....... 900.

Couples (M+F)

one ...... 200.

four ...... 710.

three .... 550.

five ......1500.



eight ...... 1100.

twelve .... 1350.

ten ........ 1250.

twenty-four .. call.

weekly .......... call.

seventy-two .. call.


Would you like to know more?

My rough take on high-priced sex, second career bliss, customer service, passion's essential role, and why holding the line matters to me.

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Nearly six years ago I decided to leave the military to become a sex worker. It was an ambition I'd had since my teens. Admittedly, mine is not a path commonly taken by women, nor is it a path most normally view as a "positive life change". 

Even though my overall knowledge of sex work was rather limited that time, like most I was aware of the occupation's exceedingly poor reputation in the area of customer service. The concept of ensuring the customer receives excellent value commonly seen in the service industry, is almost an enigma to the majority of sex workers.


Too many providers view themselves as victims, working in a job which they despise. A job free from quality standards and regulation. As a result, they operate in a manner which is dishonest and unfair, utilizing strategies more reminiscent of a criminal enterprise, than a properly-run business.


Constantly surrounded by negativity, most sex workers lack any real incentive to strive for mediocrity, let alone excellence.

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I believe incentive is found within. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than that which comes from a job well done... Other than possibly the feeling you get when you know you've brought another person true joy. Is it any wonder I love what I do?

The sky-high rates charged by many sex workers are often a form of rationalization. The more money they earn, the easier it is to accept their involvement in activities which society, and often they themselves view in a very negative light. Sex work is definitely not for everyone. Unfortunately, far too many ignore the signs, and continue to work a very demanding job, only to receive hopelessness, misery and some money in return. Over and over, situations like this serve as the catalyst for what becomes just another indelible smear against sex work's already tattered reputation.


While I would never dream of directly badmouthing any of my peers, I do believe that every client should receive a basic level of value for their money. Spending time with a lady is not cheap, and I feel the best value lies in an escort who is sincere, and who chose the path of sex work for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, such girls can be difficult to find, leading to a rocky road for many clients, on their way to finding girls who actually provide the level of service they claim.


Does she possess a genuine interest in the work and all it entails? Or did she initially enter the trade simply out of desperation, and is only still involved because there is no other job for which she qualifies that will allow her to maintain the standard of living to which she has become accustomed? All too often, the latter example is the one which applies.

Almost everyone has had a job they disliked at one point or another in their lives. Odds are, you might have such a job right now. Try and think about your level of commitment, and how concerned you were in doing the best job you possibly could. I'm sure you'll agree that you have much more drive, and desire to do the best job possible when you have a job you love.

The main element missing in all of us when we dislike what we do, is passion. When humans are passionate about a task, we automatically take more care, and expend more energy to ensure it is completed to the very best of our ability. However, in the absence of passion we tend to be careless, often taking shortcuts in order to complete tasks as quickly and easily as possible. In short, passion matters ...A lot.

When I originally set my rates, I felt I had to strike a balance. I wanted my rates to accurately reflect not only the uncommonly high level of passion I possess for my work, but also the immense satisfaction I derive from my work, while not being at a level low enough to cause potential clients to doubt the quality of my services. 

Since setting my rates for the first time in June 2012, I have only changed them once, a twenty dollar bump to my one hour rate, bringing it to $200. That was in February 2013...  Five years later, and I still don't plan to increase my rates in the near (or distant) future.


An escort holding the line on their rates for five years and counting is basically unheard of. Unfortunately, most girls can't seem to go five months without a rate increase. Greed is surely one of the main motivators behind these increases, but in almost every case, the main motivation to raise one's rates is borne from a lack of passion.

I'm sure you agree that sex is a highly passionate act. Sex without passion is flat and lifeless... Even boring. If you're searching for a memorable experience, filled with all of the passion and excitement that a truly great sexual experience requires, then you simply cannot go wrong with me.

...and where I offer all of this at some of the lowest rates in Victoria is a true testament to the intensity of the uncommon level of passion I possess.

Consider this your open invitation to discover exactly how incredible pure, unbridled passion really feels...