The Vault Tapes Vol.2

Released on

01 May, 2016

Released on

10 January, 2016

Released on

20 December, 2015

Released on

19 April, 2016

The CherrySoda Experience 

Released on

​29 February 2016

Released on

01 March 2016

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 This is the first video of a new series of clips, which will be made from recordings I had made in mid-2012, within two weeks of becoming an escort. I had put them away, nearly three years ago, and just happened to find them last week!

The Vault Tapes Vol.1 was shot on Thursday July 26, 2012, and is a very simple, from-behind view of one of my first clients, giving me a good hard fucking... something I always enjoy!

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The third instalment in the 'Cherry Loves Facials' series, sees me sucking, and jerking a client, until he finishes with a massive load, which basically covers my entire face! Sure to become one of my classics, this is one of the must-see titles in my catalogue!

Cocksucking Cowgirl ​is one of the most popular videos I have ever released.

In this video, I take on a huge cock... I mean, it's massive. I suck it, and ride it like the professional that I am... and you get to watch every last detail.

The Vault Tapes Vol. 2, is another of the 'long-lost' videos, which I found accidentally, just last week. Shot on Friday July 20, 2012 this video, only four days after I started escorting, features me riding a big hard cock... and riding it well. ;)

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Bathroom Break

The Vault Tapes Vol.1

SweetCherrySoda, is definitely one of the most ambitious releases to date from littlecreamsoda productions. Clocking in at nearly thirty-five minutes in length, this is by far the longest video I've ever released. 

Packed with non-stop sucking, licking, and fucking, this video won't give you a moment to catch your breath...;) 

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Released on

10 May, 2016

The CherrySoda Experience ​really takes you inside of a session with me.

Sucking, and fucking. Getting licked, and playing with toys... and, of course everybody cums. ;)

My Playtime 

(blow)Job Interview 

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Released on

20 December, 2015

Enjoy your front row, centre view of my working my pussy with two sex toys ay once.

The result? One huge orgasm, with plenty of pussy cream, which I play with, inside of my still quivering vagina.


Cherry Loves Facials Vol.3 

This video is considered by many to be not only my premiere 'dirty-talk' videos, but one one the finest examples of dirty-talking in an adult film period. I take this as a great compliment, especially because it has never really been one of my strong suits in bed. but the thing which makes it even more amazing, is when one takes into account the massive amount of porn my fans watch...;)

Thank-you! You are the greatest fans in the world, and I love  each and every one of you!

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pov ​gives an excellent insight into what it is actually like to receive one of my stellar blowjobs, , and fuck my massive 40DDD enhanced tits... However, if you happen to live within visiting range, I really think that you'd probably rather experience this in person, and if you don't live close, it's been too long since you took a trip anywhere, don't you think. ;)

Released on

20 December, 2015

The first in theLCS Digital Short Series, Bathroom Break finds me sitting on my toilet. As things progress, I masturbate, until I begin to pee. I then toy my pissing pussy, until I erupt into two hard, squirting orgasms, which are both so forceful, they hit the camera... and they stream of piss doesn't stop streaming from my pussy the whole time. Definitely a wet way to kick-off the LCS Digital Short Series.

Released on

29 February, 2016

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Cocksucking Cowgirl