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posted 02 mar/16

a lapse in security

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The first in the ddd series. The prequel to the above-posted  ddd2, this video was shot around the same time, in 2012, and features more fondling, rubbing, squeezing, and basic all-around loving of my new tits.

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This video, originally shot in 2013, was the first 'big-budget' film released by littlecreamsoda productions. Of course, that doesn't mean I paid three million dollars in production costs for this two-minute clip! I'm referring to the slightly more elaborate, not to mention, ambitious production quality. Featuring a total copyright infringement on fellow Canadians, Nickelback, along with a splashy into sequence... this video was only the beginning of the great things which have happened since, and are yet to come from littlecreamsoda productions!

In this video, I take a big cumshot the only way I believe one should be taken... all over my face. ;) Still one of my favourite littlecreamsoda productions titles, I hope you will enjoy it as well!

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Watch me as I suck a hard cock in my cute pigtails... A dirty old uncle's dream! :P

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posted 16 dec/15

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This video was shot of my newly enhanced tits about two weeks post-surgery. Watch as I rub, fondle, and play with my newly acquired play-things. :)

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posted on 08 aug/15

A straightforward blowjob video. Perfect for those days you're looking for a quick and easy jerk session, where any sort of plot would only serve to confuse.


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posted 11 aug/16

cherry|soda: short|sweet

posted 05 aug /15

cherry|soda: ddd

posted 08 aug/15

cherry|soda: ​hardcore.

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posted 10aug/15

cherry|soda: ddd2

posted on 15 nov/15

cute. innocent. cocksucker.

posted june 28/15

cherry loves facials 

​posted june 26, 2015

a quick bj

posted on 26 june/15

dirty little daydream

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Shot by a client in late-2012, on the same working/Ikea shopping trip as'One Weekend in Vancouver' was filmed, this is a great little clip of me giving myself a massive orgasm with a little vibrator, which I no longer have... but miss terribly. :( 

This has always been one of my favourite titles of littlecreamsoda productions, mostly because I look so cute, along with the great memories I have of that particular orgasm... I can remember telling myself, 'don't pass out...'.

​A aptly named video​, that delivers exactly what it's title claims. Nothing but cock in pussy action, with nothing else in the way. For all of you hardcore types. Enjoy!

the lost tapes vol.1

Surprisingly, this video is my fourth most popular video on PornHub. The main reason that I find that surprising, is the fact that the video itself is under one-minute in length!

short|sweetfeatures a client who doesn't pay much regard to my no face-fucking policy.

For ignoring my policies and rules, this client received a ban from my service... but, I received a pretty hot video, so I suppose it was worth it.

...but he's still banned! :P

Watching Cherry, is a straightforward masturbation/sex toy video, and an excellent opportunity to witness me have a few orgasms. I put a trio of my favourite toys to use in this video: my large, orange double-ended dildo, a small pink vibrator, and my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand.

Filled with non-stop toy-play, orgasms, and more, Watching Cherry will not disappoint.

Okay... Are you familiar with the uncomfortable situation which occurs when you borrow something from a friend, and you put off returning it, to the point you avoid contact with them

Well, a client and I shot an unplanned video, using his device. I was in a rush that day, so he promised to email it to me that afternoon. He didn't, and I forgot all about it.

Almost one year later, he emails me the video, with a request for an appointment... Just like someone does when they miss their friend, and finally return that item they've had over a year. :P 

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 watching cherry

This is definitely one of the strangest settings and circumstances I've had for a video. Shot, not with my own equipment, but by the security camera in the loading bay of a large department store, also gives this video a unique look. 

It had been a longtime fantasy this client's to have an escort visit him, while he was at his security job, and record the event on the security cameras. When he asked if this was a possible scenario, my inner exhibitionist jumped at the chance! 

​Please enjoy this stellar example of why being a mall cop might not be such a bad thing after all ;)