Finally... I've posted some material!

'news&views' is a page which serves as a window into the person behind the persona, CherrySoda, as well as serving outlet for me to do many other things..

-Announce, as well as voice my opinions on, news, and events which may pertain to my services, my foray into the world of amateur adult film, the victoria local 'scene'...or anything I find worthy of mentioning

-Post my 'more colourful' comments which i've been known to post in the various social networks, and online forums which are privileged enough to call me a member. (or is that cursed?)

​-Write original posts about basically anything... what I've been up to lately, things on my mind, things that make me smile, things that make me passionate, things that make me enraged, things that make me cry... Basically anything.

I'm going to strive to make regular entries on this page. However, those who have the sometimes questionable 'honour' of knowing me a bit better than most, can attest... My entries will be sporadic at best... Like fifteen in one day, and then none for three weeks, sporadic. Sorry, that's just one aspect of my multi-faceted, not to mention, uniquely quirky personality.

At the very least, I promise to do my best to make this an interesting, as well as entertaining place for all to visit, during their online travels.









... and all delivered in the unique style of 'the one they call CherrySoda'

I'm sure I'll probably live to regret this...

Post 006: 03/09/16

Post 005: 03/09/16
If you'd told me a year ago that my videos would ever receive three-million views...

I would have undoubtedly called you a crackpot, and told you to shut up! :P

However, my most recent numbers seem to indicate that number to either be well within reach, or one which it would appear that I have already surpassed. If one takes into account the countless views which rouge versions of my videos which have been uploaded by others to countless much smaller tube sites, then the number is most likely much higher than three-million.

The following are the view counts for the three major adult tubes to which I post my videos. This list is current as of 23:15 PST, September 9, 2016... 2,243,815 views of 55 videos 288,889 views of 49 videos 258,478 views of 54 videos 

Total views: 2,791,182

In addition to these somewhat shocking view totals, I also am a bit stunned that on xVideos list of the 'Top 100 Canadian Porn Stars', I find myself ranked in position 56! It's all a bit surreal, but it's definitely a lot of fun! Fun was the whole reason I began to make and share the videos in the first place, and as long as it's fun for me to make and post my videos for all of you to see, I'm going to keep doing it!

...and I'm going to keep doing it at no cost to my thousands of fans and admirers from all around the world, because you are all worth it!

A big sincere thank you, to each and every one of you for making all of this possible!


Post 004: 04/06/16

Holy fuck... Alotof people have seen my vagina. 

With the recent release of my latest XXX title, Cherry Loves Facials: Volume 3 - Cant Get Enough, I now have a video

catalogue of forty-three titles. Not bad, considering I started out in July of last year, with only four videos.

Cherry Loves Facials Volume 3, is the first release which I've had 'go viral'. In the span of 11 hours, it received over 305,000 views on! This pushed my total online views on to over 900,000... and my combined total on,, and are closing in on two-million views!

Holy fuck is right... my pussy shouldn't be nearly this famous. ;)

Post 003: 15/03/16

Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I rant excessively...

Nowhere is the latter more prevalent than in the kink community known as Fetlife. 

There is a certain fellow who likes to lurk around in the escort discussion groups of Fetlife. He is a cowardly troll, who hides behind the relative safety which a profile, void of any information besides a username, provides. This particular piece of shit, likes to remain anonymous, as he takes random misogynistic pot-shots at escorts, from his safe house built of anonymity.

He told me once that he has no information on his profile, 'because he didn't want people in his neighbourhood to recognize him as a pimp', and that is why he has a blank profile.

This pimp asshole from Washington, D.C. seems to intimidate many of the ladies in these groups, and therefore, they let him say almost everything...

He doesn't intimidate me. 

I call him on his bullshit, and don't let him get away with anything.

Here is one of our best exchanges...

This particular exchange took place in response to a post by a girl who was curious about how someone gets started in the sex trade. Her post was followed by the usual 'managers', saying the usual bullshit, such as, 'You've got mail', 'Check your inbox', and 'I'll look after everything for you...'.

So, I thought I'd give her some advice which she could actually use...

CherrySoda:  Listen to your sisters... Not these piranhas, and vampires.
M*** O*****a's advice was solid. Starting out the only person you can trust is yourself. Don't give up your power (or your earnings) to anyone. This kind of work isn't easy, and you're going to have to hustle your butt off, but the payoff can be huge.
While it can be, at times, physically, and mentally demanding... This is nothing you can't do on your own, and be quite successful. Why make someone else rich, just for running a few ads, occasionally driving you places, and offering you 'protection', which may, or may not actually exist, when the time comes you really need it.
There is a lot of support out there.  Local advocate groups, and other girls are your best resources. If you'd like to talk about anything at all, please feel free to pm me.

(Someone must have taken offence to my comment, because he felt it was necessary to take shots at me)

​MShaw: (He begins by quoting what I said) 'Don't give up your power (or your earnings) to anyone. This kind of work isn't easy, and you're going to have to hustle your butt off, but the payoff can be huge'

Hustling sounds like an absolutely dreadful and low rent way to approach this business. If that's how you've been doing it, it calls your advice into question.  
(I meant 'hustle', as in working hard, not being dishonest. A pimp questioning my values when it comes to 'hustling'... Please.)

'This is nothing you can't do on your own, and be quite successful'

An artist could sell his own work without a gallery owner. A musician could book his own performances. An author could self publish. An actor could negotiate with studios on his own. That doesn't mean they should. Having a capable manager to look after one's affairs is as valuable in sensual entertainment as it is in any performance art. At a minimum, it allows the performer to specialize in performing without getting bogged down in the administration and behind-the-scenes minutia. 
(Sorry fuckhead, but the 'minutia' you're speaking of, is 85% of any independent escort's job. There is a limit to how much free time someone should have. I find some of that to be enjoyable, and I'd sure as hell rather have to do it than hand half of my earnings over to some clown like you to do it... He'd most likely fuck it up, anyway)

And, of general relevance to this site, subs/slaves interested in sex work can find a relationship with a domineering handler to be quite satisfying and the work that much more enjoyable. They should forgo that satisfaction because of some arbitrary idea of honor? Let's not try to pass our jaded perspective off as authoritative instruction...
 (Again, not what I was saying at all, but being a pimp, I'm sure that twisted rationalizations, and manipulation are things which now come automatic to you. Also, as any of my clients can attest to, I am likely the least jaded escort around. I realize that a pinheaded-pimp would think that a girl being happy, while working as an escort it impossible... but that why they're pimps. Narrow-minded. Short-sighted.)

Miss OragamiThe women responding here are all amazing and cherry|soda is a never ending fountain of great advice! My advice, avoid the first commenter like he has the plague and go with your gut! I have been independent for 3+ years with no serious issues and no need for a manager at all... and I'm fundamentally lazy. That says something right there. (Not that I slack when I'm with clients, I hustle my ass off to make money and treat clients like they are Kings... My personality is just permanently set to "Sloth") 

CherrySoda: Thank you for the kind words, Miss Oragami!

...and oh God, how I hear you on the laziness! You and I should have a 'lazy-off**’.

**a lazy-off is a type of completely non-existent, totally made-up competition, where the only purpose is to see whether it is in fact you who is the laziest... or I.

...kind of like a bake-off, only without all of the baking, or any other physical labour-related bullshit. ;) ...and what are you thinking, using the term 'hustle'?!! Don't you know that is indicative of a ‘dreadful', not to mention 'low-rent' approach to our line of work?

...oh yeah, that reminds me. I have a pretty big axe to grind with someone who has the wrong idea.

A really big axe, and the very wrong idea...

@MShaw... I'd like to congratulate you on the finest piece of extrapolation I've seen around here for a while.

You see, sugar... When I used the term, 'hustle', I was not referring to it's context which refers to the acts of cheating, stealing, robbing, and basically having an 'anything to survive' outlook.

Of course, someone like yourself... someone on the 'managerial' side of our occupation, would most likely interperet the term, 'hustle', to represent behavior of a nature which is negative, shady, and at times, simply deplorable. I mean, isn't 'hustlin'' a way of life for you pimps?

Whoops! Sorry! Did I say pimps? I meant to say, 'managers’! Please forgive that little bit of honesty that slipped out from beneath my usually impeccable manners…

No... I wasn't referring to that type of hustle. I have never even as much as allowed a client to pay full price for my services, if I happen to be running a special of which they are unaware.

My approach to this business is anything but, 'dreadful and low rent’. I operate my service under a strict code of fairness, honesty, and integrity… and I do so all by myself. I work for myself, and only myself, and I do very well, thank you.

I have been working as an escort for over three years, and I do so completely on my own terms… I still love what I do, because I strictly respect myself, and the boundaries I set for myself the day I released from my nearly ten year career in the Air Force, to follow this unlikely dream.

Good luck doing things your way, loving your work, and respecting your personal boundaries, when you have a dickhead ‘manager’ breathing down your neck…

What do you guys really do anyhow? Who knows?
…let’s just all agree that it’s not worth even close to the massive cut of your earnings which they help themselves to… Thanks, but I’ll pass.

I swear you’d have to be born yesterday.

I fully understand the benefits of a healthy sub/dom, provider/handler relationship. Unfortunately, the percentage of such relationships which are genuinely healthy is so low, for reasons which I don’t wish to write about right now, but are as clear as the nose on your face.

This isn’t about something as simple as selling a piece of art, booking a performance, or publishing a book… This is about potentially entering into a professional relationship, which has a chance of becoming a bit more than personal, and crossing over into deep manipulation, physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse, loss of personal freedom/identity, and a complete loss of control of absolutely everything you hold dear.

I can dress up what I do with fancy titles, pretty lingerie, and an exciting, and exotic lifestyle, but at the very core of it, I am still a prostitute. A whore. I consider myself very lucky that I am totally fine with that, because I do what I do on the terms I desire, and at the end of the day, I know I have hurt no one. I am proud of the person I am, and of the work I do.

I’m not saying all handlers, drivers, agents, and managers are bad, as I’m sure there are some very good ones, who help those girls who feel they need that. …one of them may even be you! Unfortunately, for every good-hearted handler, and doting driver, there are multiple douchebags destroying the lives of many great girls, with hearts of gold, who fell into the clutches of a controlling, manipulative snake, who was all too ready to be there to ‘catch her fall’.

In closing, please take all of your snide comments, and ’slightly’ off-the-wall, ‘ideal-situation’-based opinions, and insert them straight up your ass... at least until you're not too ashamed to actually post a picture on your public profile. You have no idea about who I am, as you proved by attempting to project a bullshit stereotype upon me…

I’m not one bit jaded sweetie. Like i said, I still love what I do, and I have myself, and the group of girls whom I trust completely to thank for that. What I am, is fiercely protective of each, and every one of the special ladies whom I consider my sisters… We only truly need to rely on one another.

Power is addicting. Even the most honourable handlers, drivers, and agents are susceptible to falling under it’s enchanting spell… because just as all of the escorts, courtesans, and paramours, are whores, all managers, handlers, and agents, are really just unnecessary pimps.​

voensongralfrdis: Speaking of "never-ending fountain"... Hehe, just kidding. That was an amazing post, cherry|soda :)

MissOpheliaPayne: Very well written, @cherrylsoda. Pimps/managers are useless parasites. Any functional adult can post an ad, answer the phone and arrange transportation. What do they offer? "Guidance"lol? You'd be better off calling the psychic friends network...

voensongralfrdis: I do want to point out that some of us don't do our own advertising. However, my Master arranges things and that's because I wanted it that way. I went out and sought someone to take a lot of the load off of me and for other reasons. That's just how I wanted it. I could have gone it alone.

ImAnon4Now: Plaudits, kudos, thumbs up to cherry|soda.

Pimps. What a parasitic lot. Talk about dreadful and low-rent sleaze balls. Pathetic. I hope every escort dumps them. They are violent group. A steaming pant-load, each and every one.

No disrespect.


voensongralfrdis: I, in no way was trying to belittle such arrangements in my post.

I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought this. I didn't think you were belitting my situation at all. :)

MShaw: (quotes me) 'at least until you're not too ashamed to actually post a picture on your public profile'

The girls in my care are quite accomplished in other respects, and I like that we can have coffee in an image-conscious town without ill consequence (my face not being plastered on a public website as a "pimp" and all).

That's interesting that you would equate discretion with shame, though. Sounds like typical street corner bravado. Perhaps you don't see far beyond than the dick immediately in front of you, but considering the big picture is one of my responsibilities. And I take it very seriously.

'I’m not saying all handlers, drivers, agents, and managers are bad'

If you weren't, we wouldn't be having this exchange. I was perfectly content to answer the OP without critiquing a blue-collar working girl's perspective, but having not been extended the same courtesy, here we are.

 'I wasn't referring to that type of hustle. I have never even as much as allowed a client to pay full price for my services, if I happen to be running a special of which they are unaware.'

You run “specials,” do you? Well that has a certain sort of dollar-store brand of charm, I suppose. I stand corrected about you conducting business in a dreadfully low rent manner…
 (Sorry that I actually care about my clients, and appreciate the business their business enough to extend a few treats and niceties their way sometimes, you greedy, greasy, and slimy pimping fucktard)

We are indeed referring to hustling in the same sense. You just happen to be OK with it, which is fine for a girl like you...but it serves to underscore my point about pedestrian hookers versus accomplished courtesans. Many would find the cherry|soda standard of whoring to be a pretty low station to aspire to, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong in their estimation. From our brief interaction alone, I can list 3 things you're doing painfully wrong. Do what suits you (bliss, ignorance, and all that), but again, for the sake of the newcomer, don't try to pass it off as the The Best Way® for an entertainer to begin. Your standing in all of this just doesn't seem solid enough to make that declaration.

CherrySoda: @ voensongralfrdis: Oh no, hunny... I just wanted you to know for certain that I was not. :)

voensongralfrdis: :) Glad I didn't make it sound like I thought that.

CherrySoda:  @voensongralfrdis: Not at all, love. :)

CherrySoda: @MShaw: It's good to see how much respect you extend to women, such as myself... :P

I'd imagine the only difference between the way you talk to me, and the way you talk to the girls who feed you, and for whatever reason keep your dumb ass alive, is the insults and put downs you extend to them are served up with the occasional fresh backhand. Violence isn't really necessary with you though, is it? You have the mental abuse thing down pretty well, and you know it's far easier to heal a beaten and bruised body than it is to repair destroyed self confidence, and shattered self worth.

Real manly, dude. They must respect the absolute shit out of you...

Say whatever you want, the coffee shop example you offered up is just shame disguised as ... actually, nothing. Being afraid that someone will recognize you as a pimp, means you're ashamed of being a pimp.

...I've actually never worked the street, nor am I ashamed of anything I do. I proudly proclaim what I do many, many places online, while you won't post anything which could be linked back to you.
Yet, you say I'm spouting 'street corner bravado'?

...I think you are confused. I have never suffered from short-sightedness, and always have the big picture up-front and centre. I purchased my own condo. I have a mortgage. I am truly successful, and I did it on my own. I'm better than having other people pay my way through life. However, once again, you've fabricated your own version of my services, and of myself.

Maybe I'll give that a try!

You seem to know more about the street side of things than I do. Maybe you haven't always been a pimp. Are you the hard-working teen described below?
"From and image-conscious town of ill-consequences, comes the story of a young man, once so short-sighted, he couldn't see past the older, gay businessman dick immediately in front of him. Now, it's a new day, and he's a new man...
Witness his transformation from underprivileged teen, with an unquenchable thirst for older, gay, businessman cock, right up to the occasionally successful, pimp he is today!

Naw... I don't really think you're gay, or that you ever sucked a dick.

I, along with every female involved in this thread, who have even the smallest shred of common sense, think you're a weak, pathetic, sorry excuse of both a man, and a human being.

You seem very intelligent, but you don't really get it. Strong individuals, truly worthy of the respect of others didn't have to trick and manipulate it out of those people, because it was given freely, due to those individual's qualities of true strength.

Understanding, compromise, caring, and patience are characteristics which are not at all easy to have, but are all held by individuals who actually deserve respect. Sad, sorry excuses for men, who think success in life is obtained through intimidating, manipulating, and possibly even beating women, do not deserve anyone's respect. They are to be pitied, because they unfortunately don't know any better.

Life will eventually sort you out.
You can count on that.

I would never want to be called an 'elite courtesan', as that is not who I am. (and I certainly doubt that any of the girls who pay the rent for you to live in your mama's basement are at that level either)

As I've previously stated, I enjoy my work, and I work in a way which suits me. I couldn't care less how some ridiculous pimp tells the girls who buy his morning Froot-Loops exactly how they will portray themselves.
I'm sure you have them swinging way above their weight class, because that's just the kind of greedy snake you are.

I'm not sure how I 'hustle'? Possibly, our definition of the term simply varies a great deal.

I give my clients occasional discounts, specials, and other niceties, not because I'm low-rent, but because I'm Canadian. It's just the way it's done here... Even by the high-end courtesans. Sorry if our good nature, and generosity insult your corporate-style greed.

The statement you make, claiming that one of the things you feel I am doing wrong is, 'Do what suits you'. Now why is that a mistake? What we do, (and what you obviously know very little about) is very intimate, and at times, emotionally draining work. The last thing we need to throw in the mix is having to do sex acts which we don't enjoy, with individuals who we don't especially want to do it with, because of a bad previous experience, uncomfortable booking/contact, etc.

That is the major error so many girls make, usually because they find themselves desperate. Then, as with most things, it gets easier, and easier to compromise your own standards of what passes as acceptable. But, for some reason, you feel that it's good to do things of a sexual nature which you despise?? Do you even know how human emotions work?

I conduct my service in a manner which reflects who I am. I don't act. Period. I'm just a simple girl, who grew up in the country, and is as real as they come. That is why I know my standing in this is more than solid enough to promote my patented Best Way® :an honest introduction to life as a dreadful and lowlife whore ( I honestly loved what you did there, so I copied it, only I made it funny, instead of mean :() I really think it is much better than that I've seen you pushing on your latest talk show book blitz... 'My Way! You fucking bitch!!!© :an honest introduction (by a lying, manipulative snake) to a life of total misery through managed prostitution.

I like myself for who I am.
My clients like me for who I am.

...and there is one thing for which I feel truly blessed, it's the fact I'll never have to walk even six inches in those ugly shoes that were bought for you by the unfortunate girls you twisted so badly on a mental level, that they actually think common trash like you is worth impressing. (I must admit, you're good if you were able to achieve that)

In my last post, I gave you the benefit of the doubt at one point, and acknowledged that you could be one of the good ones. (as I don't know you, I thought that only fair of me) fitter your last message, I have no doubt that I was incorrect to give you that bit of credit. You're mean. You're nasty. You're an asshole.
...and I know at least twenty girls, and multiple guys who would agree with that assessment after reading only what you've posted in this thread.

I couldn't care less what your sorry ass thinks of me, so I'm going to stop writing.

You're pathetic.
It's just kind of sad that you can't see it.

SecondVersus: Neutral observer here:

I understand the typical vindictive for "pimps/managers." But this is a silly argument. MShaw's initial post was extremely well-written and on point.

For the record, I am no pimp. I've been a completely independent sex worker for over two years
And I help manage my fiance.

Two heads are better than one..When she's getting waves of responses, she still only has two hands. With me she now has four. I am also particularly skilled and quick at responding to clients. Why not allow us to work to our strengths?

A true manager, confidant and father figure is worth their weight in gold. Just as the feminine corollary is equally worth their weight.

My philosophy is simple: learn from everyone. Do my best to refrain from assumptions. Whether you like him or not, it's clear MShaw is someone an open mind could learn a lot from.

Not to imply the same isn't true for you, cherry.

MShaw: Eesh @cherry|soda that devolved into an emotional, nonsensical rant...I rest my case.

Two heads are better than one.. @SecondVersus

In this, as it is with other endeavors. And really, most people grasp the concept. The 'avoid managers' argument is a completely emotional one - generally coming from girls who chose a poor handler in the past....Thanks for that bit of level-headedness, though.

CherrySoda: @SecondVersus: I totally agree with you that having someone else involved, who can help you out... but that person must have not only the success of your service as a top priority, but, as you would know, must be able to not get greedy, and push you when you feel like you just can't.

However, you have nothing in common with MShaw. Trust me.

As I stated, I am all for partners, who assist their sex worker partners in the behind-the-scenes operations of their services. The reason this works, is because partners most often love each other, or in the very least have a deep understanding of each other, and care enough to intervene if they see warning signs, or if the working partner (it would work both ways in your particular circumstance) has suffered through a recent traumatic event.

I'm sure you will agree that the balance between a healthy income, and a sex worker who is healthy of both mind and body is far too delicate to leave to just anyone...

A good manager of any professional, whether they be an athlete, actor, musician, or basically any other type of professional, has a responsibility to push their client to carry on through times of depression, personal hardship, loss of a loved one, etc, if their client starts to feel like giving-up, or even taking time away from work. The saying goes, ‘the show must go on’, and more often than not there are many people dependent on their client’s presence, and expected top-level of performance. This type of professional really has too much riding on their very name for a manager to take a hans-off approach, so sometimes pushing a client to pack-up their problems, and get back to the task at hand, is completely understandable.

In the case of a sex worker however, using such heavy-handed tactics can be disastrous, and can even leave the worker with irreparable mental damage, which could plague them forever, or even create a situation where they may never be able to work again.

As humans, we face feelings of greed almost constantly. Sometimes, we cannot adequately suppress those feelings, even in the face of possible ruin. In the bad times, like the examples I listed a couple paragraphs back, I will readily admit that having a second person around to help you sort things out, (e.g. a manager) could prove indispensable, provided the manager remained completely objective throughout the entire healing process… but how many people do you know, who could honestly do this?

For, without a strong emotional bond, a manager, or anyone for that matter, may have a hard time remaining objective, when it’s their money that is on the line.
If their sex worker client isn’t working, then the manager isn’t getting paid. Period.

How long do you think they will tolerate this arrangement?

How much time will they willing to invest in an emotionally-broken sex worker, who is making them no money whatsoever?

How long before they wash their hands of this troublesome situation, and walk, leaving the sex worker feeling even more hopeless, and worthless?

or even worse…

How long before the manager runs out of patience, becomes frustrated with the negative situation, and begins to pressure the sex worker to get back to work?

Unfortunately, there exists an unproportionately large percentage of ‘unsavoury characters’ in our industry. This of course, can be blamed on our Governments’ insistence on it’s criminalization of the industry, based almost solely on the outdated notion that what we do is both morally, and fundamentally wrong, and therefore should be illegal.

As with all activities of an illegal nature, and grey-market industries, you tend to get involvement from individuals who may for various reasons, have a slightly compromised set of personal values. You simply don’t normally see people of strong moral fibre working in our industry. I feel that I have a much higher sense of what constitutes right and wrong, a better understanding of the consequences of certain actions, a higher level of foresight, which allows me to better anticipate both positive and negative outcomes of situations which have an aire of uncertainty about them, and simply a greater understanding of people in general, than the vast majority of my peers, or at least the 85%, or so, whom I’ve met, or had some sort of interaction with, in my three years plus working as an escort, in Victoria, BC.

I’m not putting down any of my Victoria sisters, nor would I ever say anything untrue about any of them. I’m simply stating the facts. I was lucky growing up. I was never sexually molested, raped, or sexually abused in any way. I entered the escorting world fresh out of a nearly ten-year career serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Compared to the great majority of the working girls in this city, my life has been a cake walk.

They all have their own personal reasons for becoming sex workers, and for being in the situations which they find themselves. 99% are good people, with kind, generous hearts, who, if put in the right situation would be trustworthy, upstanding individuals. Unfortunately though, they aren’t in the correct situations… at least not the correct kind of situation which would permit them the environment they need to heal and get well.

Just to clarify, these aren’t street-level sex workers I’m talking about, as I have not yet had the chance, or opportunity to meet any ladies from that realm. These girls are escorts. Most of them do not have official ‘managers’, but almost every one has a man in the picture in one sense, or another. One fact which I will not argue one bit, is that when it comes to the ‘new junkie boyfriend’, a girl would be 1000% better off with even a slightly dickheaded manager.

The management types involved in the sex work industry, are as varied in their methods, tactics, and end goals, as the many different girls who invite them into their lives. There are some fantastic managers. The key is to not get dragged down by one of the many bad ones, before you find the one who is just right for you.

Like I said in my first response to MShaw, I agree that there are great guys out there who manage ladies’ careers, and do a stellar job of it. I even went as far as to admit that I didn’t know him, and that he could, in fact be one of the good guys. Through his repeated twisting of the things I said, to try and make them fit in his irregular box of 'ideal-situation’ philosophies, and refusal to see anything I say as valid, along with his omittance of even a general description of his managerial style, he has given me the perception that he is not the understanding, caring, patient influence which a sex worker needs. Again… This is only the perception I have formed from the information (and in some areas, gross lack of information) and is no way a hardened fact.

I wasn’t the one who made it personal. That is the MO of his type of person, not mine. I only made a generalized statement of my opinion. He is nothing short of an annoying troll, and it’s still possible that he’s a sixteen year-old white kid from the suburbs, with a little too much time on his hands. (some of his perceptions would seem to back-up this theory)

You really have to wonder about a person who is basically, a ghost, with no identifiable information online whatsoever, is super defensive, and constantly attacked me, instead, with smart-ass made up bs, never once providing any information on how he does things… Only that he doesn’t hide his identity out of shame, it’s because he doesn’t want to be recognized around town, and have someone call him out as a pimp… Definitely sounds like he’s ashamed to me. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he tries to turn it around on me, saying that I’m the one who associates privacy and discretion with shame, and again, tries to pass me off as a street-level worker. I am not, but who cares if I was?

Definitely not the type of person who I feel would make a good manager… You may see things differently, though.

In closing, I hope you can see the massive difference between the role you play in what is essentially your, and your fiancee’s small business, and the role a manager plays.

In an industry as;
and of course profitable as our industry can be

you have to be able to trust a
-and even a pimp,

to not only be a great
-PR guy,
-web designer
-fill-in stylist
-inspirational speaker
-bodyguard, and much, much more.

but, to gain any true benefit from a partner in your sex work venture, that person must be completely caring, and understanding of your
-expectations, plus much more

Any good manager will accept when things don’t go their way, because they always put your needs, comfort, and overall happiness, ahead of both the money, and themselves.

If they don’t offer basically everything on this list, they aren’t worth handing your money over to… Worse than that, they’re a liability, standing in the way of your success.

SecondVersus:  Fair enough.

MShaw: Since the original point's been buried in an unending word salad, I'll reiterate my advice to the OP: Find a competent manager, as that individual will provide valuable guidance, investment, and mentoring.

But some advice should you go it alone: Make building relationships a central focus of your business. Loyal clientele = stability. Also, avoid having tantrums under your client-facing identity. If you have a burning desire to argue or vent on pubic forums, do it under an account not tied to your business. The ideal client is an accomplished gentleman, and such gentlemen often need discretion in their dalliances. They will run far away from girls with a predilection for the type of melodrama you've seen here. There's nothing commendable or gutsy about tarnishing your image to make a point...

Good luck.

​Miss Oragami: @cherry|soda Can we do the "lazy-off" tmrw... I have today slotted for binge watching Netflix with my thumbs tucked into the band of my sweatpants. Lol

@MShaw I love to argue on "pubic forums" sorry, couldn't help it. And I was offered a position at more than one agency and my clients think I am amazing though I share a similar spitfire attitude and sharp tongued spirit as Cherry. In fact it has drawn in my longest standing clients... They found the fact that I am not always "Giggle teehee" happy to be intriguing. I don't think having a debate tarnishes reputations at all.

MShaw: 'I love to argue on "pubic forums"'

Ha. That's good sic because it still works.

But yea I noticed you doing this on another thread. And it can be dangerous. Mocking potentially unbalanced people under the same account you market/accept appointments under introduces unnecessary risk - for you and the gentlemen that come to see you.

'And I was offered a position at more than one agency and my clients think I am amazing though I share a similar spitfire attitude and sharp tongued spirit as Cherry.'

I guess I'll have to take your word that your clients are ideal or that you have enough, but you'll never hear from the risk-adverse gentlemen that your public diatribes scared away. I do, though...

I suppose there's nothing particularly repugnant about entertaining Joe Sixpack? but the successful gentleman with the means to patronize you more often and for longer has much to lose. His station mandates prudence. An entertainer that wades into conflict and launches into angry tirades is too much of a liability. The well-heeled fellow usually is not going to hand over potentially damaging information (for screening) to a girl he's seen come unhinged.

'Giggle teehee" happy'

I didn't say anything about being vapid. An entertainer's unique attributes should be celebrated in her marketing, even if one of those qualities is a “sharp tongue.” But it should be done tactfully and always with image in mind. A batty diatribe on a public forum is anything but.

Decorum is essential in this business. It's an art and a profession.7 months ago  Reply  more

Miss Oragami: @MShaw

Noticed me what? Calling a guy out for being a whack job. Yup. I also know knowledge is a powerful thing. Would I rather prevent some jerk off victimize a SW or just stay silent on the basis that Schrödinger's client might find me on fetlife and not like that I know four letter words? Not really a choice.

I screen my clients and have many long term clients. The fact that you believe that the clients I see are all "Joe Sixpack" and couldn't possibly be successful gentlemen says more than enough about how you view Indies.

I think I have exercised plenty of decorum. I just don't think it fits every situation.

Regardless of this debate, I firmly believe that being an Indie is the best way for me to work and strongly recommend it to others considering sex work. This way I am 100% responsible for me. I don't have to worry about paying someone else, fitting what someone else believes as ideal and I have the freedom to do as I please. The idea of being my own boss is what brought me to sex work... Between my complete lack of motivation to work for the Man and my desire to please, I worked it out nicely. This way I can watch Hockey games and drink beer whenever they are on!

I'm with Cherry on this one... Maybe it's just how us Canadians work. I would rather just stick to my Joe sixpacks and Netflix.

CherrySoda: @MissOragami: You got it, sister... Tomorrow it is.

@MShaw: Like I said, fucktard... You're pathetic, not to mention stupid, and quite delusional.

Do you actually think that anyone believes that you're 'high class', or that all of your girls are the 'debutante' type, like you let on. Fucker, please. The city I work out of, is quite affluent as Canadian cities go. While I am not one of the girls who puts on a 'debutante disguise' every night, like some girls do, (like I'm sure you force yours to do) I still get a fair share of high-end clients. I even had one exceptionally wealthy client provide me with a $4000 upgrade to my condo, after only seeing me twice. To this day, we have only had four sessions, and none have included anything but intelligent conversation... 

I'd be willing to bet that none of the girls, who you run the shit out of have ever received such a gift, without giving anything in return but her true self, over a handful of conversations. My clients truly appreciate the fact that I'm the genuine article, and nothing besides. I never act, nor do I ever do anything I don't enjoy. Hell, your girls likely break that rule every time the wake up in the morning. Life must be a wonderland, having to deal with a sunny delight such as yourself everyday... Personally, I'd run the risk of you murdering me, before I'd live under your rule... Although, I don't think I'd have a single thing to worry about, seeing as you're nothing but a pussy pimp troll, who hides behind an empty profile, and is too chickenshit to post even one picture of himself.

...or perhaps you're just too ashamed. That's one thing I would never argue. You should feel nothing but shame for your antics.

You don't have a clue, and still prescribe to the broken-down stereotypes of the past. Clients can see right through those ridiculous personas which I can only imagine you hang on those poor girls. Your dumb ass likely picks out their clothes, as well. I'm thinking that's a look which is one part skanky streetwalker, and one part 80s prom gown. Talk about 'dressed for success'! 

Why don't you take your black ass on a long walk... off a short pier. Oh, and if your dumb-ass knows how to swim... Kindly forget.

My apologies, if anyone was offended by anything I said over the course of that debate, but I have a very strong passion for this occupation, and the rights of any sex worker to work for themselves, and not be harassed, manipulated, pressured, or forced into working for an asshole, such as that guy.

I feel the best way to deal with trash like him, and most of the pimps out there, is to never back down, and take the toxic, manipulative bullshit which they spout, and shove it right back down their dirty throats. 

I hope that you can appreciate where I am coming from, as well as both, understand, and agree that myself, along with the other fine ladies involved in this debate, were indeed, fighting the good fight.

Post 002: 15/03/16

I am not a big fan of cock pictures... especially surprise cock pictures. 

The same policy applies to videos featuring nothing besides your dick, as well... 
Yes, even if the video also features a fleshlight. (in fact, thats worse...)

I had just such a video posted to my PornHub stream the other day. The member, with the username 'Wayney', claimed to be an 'eighteen year-old boy', and thought that either I, or the visitors to my stream (the majority of whom are heterosexual males) would enjoy a video of a skinny white boy fucking a Fleshlight. 

I'm not sure if it was the arrogance he showed, in thinking this was something which would turn me on, and therefore I needed to see, the fact that there was yet another fucking penis posted to a place which I do my best to keep cock-free, out of respect for the men who visit my profile, or the thought of the nasty silk pillow he was using to support the artificial vagina, while he fucked the thing... but something about the whole thing really pissed me off. 

So, I wrote the little Dutch fucker an admittedly silly note, with just enough anger, and sarcasm mixed in that he'd catch my drift...

I was going to post that 'you with a fleshlight' stupidity, here on your wall, but you seem to have that feature blocked. I suppose that's smart, where as you have this ridiculous fetish of 'surprising' girls with videos of your groin, and cock fucking a Fleshlight, which can only be described as a Big Gulp mug, with a silicone vagina for a snap-on lid! 

...and what's up with that nasty little pillow it's sitting on?

Do yourself a favour, and at least have enough sense to keep that ridiculous bullshit off of the streams which belong to those of us on here who are prostitutes. We see enough guy's junk as it is. Penises are like anything else... When you've seen thousands of then, or anything for that matter, you tend not to get as excited as you once did. It's called desensitization... I pretty much need to have a cock right in front of me, before it will give me a thrill nowadays. Let's just say that it's a pretty safe bet, to assume that I need a little more than some skinny-assed, generic 'eighteen year-old' pelvic area, fucking a 7-eleven drink cup, with a snap-on, silicone vagina lid to get my gears turning... Trust me when I tell you that your little stunt got them grinding, but turning? Get your head out of your ass, kid.

Oh yeah... If you've been on PornHub for two years, like your little birthday candle shows, right over there, in your collection of 'Achievement' badges, then you certainly can't be eighteen, now can you, Einstein? No...You can't.

...and 'Wayney', one more thing. If you were born in 1993, like your username is most likely suggesting, that would make you twenty-two, or twenty-three... Certainly not 'eighteen, with two years of PornHub membership under his belt'... Now, would it? Or did something so truly life-defining occur four or five years before you were even born, that you felt compelled to include that year in the PornHub handle, you supposedly created when you were only sixteen years old?

Well, dipshit.. I must say that I definitely feel sorry for you, if you're so damned insecure at twenty-two, that you feel the need to lie about your age, then I'm not sure how your going to make it through the next ten, twenty, or thirty years...

I guess you'll always be able to take comfort in the fact that you'll always be able to get spiffied-up in that little grey suit, and strut-on down to the 7-eleven for a Big Gulp, drink all of the 7-up inside, and then snap-on your trusty silicone vagina lid... Just the thing for an evening spent chatting with old men, posing online as 'eighteen year-old girls'... 

But, you know they're what they claim to be, just about as much as you're an 'eighteen year-old boy, with two years of PornHub experience"... Eh, dipshit?

I just have a couple more things that I'd like to mention to you, before you return to your nightly conversations with pictures of girls, who’s true owners have no idea that they are being used as the physical element of an 'older-gay gentlemen''s online persona... 

Firstly Wayney, please be sure to use plenty of hot, soapy water when you wash the residual 7-up from within the 'vaginal interior' of your sex toys. The last thing I'd ever want to see is for you to get a nasty infection... 

Oh! While I'm on the subject of your, 'oh-so impressive' eight-inch cock…


Thank you for your gracious understanding in this matter.

Sincerely yours,


Maybe I went a little far in a couple of places, but nobody knows how many cock pictures we escorts are sent... and that's without asking for a single one of them. It isn't that pictures of penises offend me in any way, it's that guys are delusional enough to believe that an escort is going to see that picture, and become so aroused, that she'll drop whatever she's doing, presumably to masturbate, and move them to the front of any line which may exist. Of course, she will cancel any appointments which she may have booked in the time he is requesting, as well.

I don't think so...

I have talked to many of my fellow escorts concerning this matter, and the clear consensus on the matter, is that unsolicited cock pictures are not only enraging, they are anything but a turn on. It is by no means a requirement, or anything most escorts really care about, but if you want to send a picture of yourself to an escort, make it of your face, not your cock... Don't even try to pull that 'face picture, but your cock is also in it' BS either...because that's the same thing. 

 We all know that you aren't sending it for our benefit anyway. In fact, there are few acts carried out by human males which are as self-serving as sending a cock picture to a girl.  

I'm sorry, but we really don't care...

​​​Post 001: 14/03/16

The clips featured on CherrySoda.XXX's four XXX video pages have surpassed 650,000 online views*

Including my debut which, consisted of only nine videos, but still received 25,000 views in under 72 hours.

*This number is my confirmed view count, and is the combined view total from my now defunct YouTube account,**(at the time my YouTube account was suspended, the combined view count of the videos I had posted stood at approximately 82,000), as well as my accounts at,, However, when the undoubtedly countless other sites to which my videos have been shared to and uploaded by users are taken into consideration, the actual view count is undoubtedly much higher.
**YouTube terminated my account in July 2015, permanently prohibiting CherrySoda-'all-around internet bad girl and unsavoury jezebel of questionable moral fibre' from ever again obtaining a YouTube account, due to 'repeated posting of unacceptable lewd, sexual, and pornographic content, an action which stands in direct violation of YouTube Terms of Service...' Whoops! Who knew? :P

To celebrate this incredible milestone, I'm showing my appreciation to my fans who made this happen, by doing something very special...
I am very pleased to announce that the videos you enjoy at no cost on CherrySoda.XXX today will remain absolutely free on this website forever! that's right... Forever ! 

Now, before I get into anything else, I would like to  thank the people who are responsible for this website, and  therefore, to whom it is dedicated...My amazing clients, and online fans all over the world.

For without each and every one of you, there wouldn't be a CherrySoda, and I wouldn't enjoy this incredible life which I feel so blessed to live.

THANK-YOU! You have no idea how much I truly care for, and sincerely appreciate every last one of you. 

...and now, my holiday wishes and a sadly overdue update on ClubSoda
(if you've already read this elsewhere on the site there is no need to read it again... unless you'd like to, in which case, feel free!!)

I would like to thank everyone who has signed up for membership in my exclusive ClubSoda over the past year! I realize that you were likely hoping that you'd be enjoying the benefits long before now, and trust me... That was the plan. Unfortunately, that is not how things have worked out, and for that, you have my sincere apologies.

Unlike... basically everyone else on the planet, I was blessed to have an amazing 2016, thanks to all of you. I have enjoyed massive success in both major areas of my adult career, (don't worry, the remainder of my 2016 sucked just as bad as everyone else's did) which has ensured me an acute lack of extra time to do many of the things which are very near and dear to me. One of the things that was pushed aside, was ClubSoda. I almost wish I could say that I have experienced a reprieve from the large workload, but such is not the case. (I am not complaining, this is what I wanted, after all!) 

Anyhow, I have resolved to somehow make whatever time necessary to finally mobilize ClubSoda, so all of you can start receiving the member benefits you all rightfully deserve!

I have set a tentative deadline for myself, of 31 January, 2017. I will do everything in my power to ensure that ClubSoda is on the ground, and running by that date.Now, let's see if I can make this happen...;)  Thank you all so much for your love, patience, and support! 

Sending all of you my love, immense appreciation, and wishes of a safe and happy holiday season for you and yours!! 

Let's all think super positive, and just maybe 2017 will be, in the very least, a slight improvement over the insanely massive flaming bag of bullshit which humanity had left in our doorway, masquerading as the year 2016... I mean, was that even real? If I ever find the little fucker who left that, rang my doorbell and took off... I swear to God!

Thankfully, we no longer have anything to fear!

For, once Donald J. Trump is crowned King of the United Stat..e..s... I'm so sorry! Of course, I meant, once Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America, all wrongs will right-themselves!

...or possibly we'll be lead straight into nuclear annihilation. 

Either way, 2016 is nearly behind us, and really, wouldn't anything be an improvement? ;P

HappyHolidays, everyone!

An update concerning ClubSoda. Also: the shitshow known as2016, Donald J. Trump uncertainty, nuclear holocaust, and warm holiday wishes!