Here are some highlights from the glowing reviews I have received over the nearly four years I've spent in the adult industry. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those clients who took time out of their busy schedules to recall our encounter, and share it for the benefit of others, through a review. These reviews assist both the clients and providers in making more informed choices about the individuals they choose to see, and helping identify those they'd likely be wise to avoid. 

Although sometimes critical, and containing statements that can prove very difficult for the provider to read, I feel reviews play an integral role in; making this hobby safer, raising it's overall level of quality, forcing a much needed increased level of provider accountability, and finally, in dragging this hobby enjoyed by countless men & women of all classes & walks of life out of the shadows. 

Hopefully, through the increased level of accountability which all providers now face as a direct result of online review boards, in conjunction with society's growing acceptance, we may finally see the end of the sadly outdated opinion that obtaining the services of a professional escort is an activity which is morally corrupt, and borne of a solely criminal nature.

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 "I must report that Cherry|soda fit perfectly. She is a Tech,
has a great attitude and is a good conversationalist. She has
nice Big Boobs, a great butt and lots of curves. Great face that
she is not afraid to hide from the camera and captivating eyes.
The service was fantastic. Way better than I expected and
surprise surprise after almost 10 yrs of zip, my willy still works.
I will definitely be there again and again."

 "Cherry has a fantastic pussy that tastes so good and is very responsive."

"absolutely the BEST GFE experience of my 3 years in the hobby."

"I've had some pretty amazing experiences in the past, but this one went straight to the top of my list. My ATF by far! I would actually make a trip to Victoria (From Colorado U.S.A) just to see my Sweet Cherry!"

"Cherryis so amazing.....fun, into it, clean, rad pad too.....if she hates what she's doing she is the best actress on the planet. She is so energetic..."

"Ok,, she is very very sexy, completely into the time spent and is very good at what she does. She felt great, she sounded great, she looked great, and can she ever make herself into a tiny little package..."

"Just had a perfectly pleasant beej session with Cherry. The girl 
certainly has some BJ skills, and made me very comfortable (actually 
my first time with an escort, only massages prior to this). She 
actually got me twice in the half hour that we had. Nice work lady!"

​​"This lady is so good, I just had to visit again."

"WOW! Cherry is the one! Absolutely amazing experience."

"Cherry looked lovely, just like her pictures. She provided very enthusiastic, and sensual service"

"I must say she was easy to contact, and make arrangements with. What you see on her web site and photos is exactly what you get."

"I enjoyed our session, and will not get into details, but I will say i will definitely be going back for more. Well lots more, she did things to me that I really liked."

"Cherry did not disappoint. she was every bit a tasty distraction.
Orally gifted, with a smouldering, raw dirty side. A passion for her
job was evident. Her face is so innocent, but she did some less than
innocent things! I found her to be intelligent, as well as fun..."

"Personality and chemistry are very important to me and I found her to be warm, friendly, courteous, and professional"

"I found her to be both enthusiastic and energetic."

 "She opens the door to her high tech pad and it is spotless. And so is she. (Not a stitch on) I get a big hug and a kiss. “Sorry for the delay, you can stay as long as your able.” I was offered a coffee, and we get down to business."

"This sweet little dish is bright, witty,
gifted and an exquisite companion.
Book an hour plus, because it's so easy
to lose track of time with her."

"Her attitude was fantastic. very sexual the whole time I was there. Best (so far)...."

​​"She is genuine, sweet, very accommodating. Her place is kind of funky, and unique a warm welcome... a healthy approach to showing me a good time. Which she did."

"I was very impressed. She's a very genuine caring and passionate girl."  "Best in Canada 2012: Sweet Cherry(Victoria!) and best overall! Best in USA 2012: S***** R** (Mi******)there were others in Canada and USA that were pretty good; but can only be 1 best!" 

"Damn this lady is good at her craft. AND she has the technical skills

to make willie perform again as he should. We relaxed and spooned for

a while and chatted. Damn she has nice boobs. She asked if I was ready

to try again, but it was now getting on and I had to get on my way.

Cherry... thank you for making my day."

​"Best... Ms. Cherry. Without a doubt."

"I just saw Cherry for the first time and I can tell you this was by far the most amazing time I have ever had. She is a beautiful lady with this cute as a button personality that will drive any man wild."

"She went out of her way to make the entire experience personal and not like the normal SP/client appointments."

"We have all seen the ads where they claim to be unrushed and not
clock watchers..(which we all know is not the case so much) Cherry
is the exception to this, there was no rushing or clock watching."


"Thanks again Cherry! You have really made my week and were definitely worth the wait!"

\​​"...you can count on getting off, and not getting ripped off"

"It made sense to contact Cherryto be my first escort​. I couldn't have been more happy with my first experience."

"Contacting her via e-mail was a breeze and she accommodated my day/time making things so much easier."

​"Really, I can't say enough bout her, she is truly the one in a million,
I will see her again that's for sure and to be honest, will probably see
only her as anyone else would be 2nd best at most."

​"I arrived at her incall location where parking was a breeze. She greeted me with a hug that put me at ease immediately. I requested a particular outfit and she looked incredible in said outfit."

"I told her I was new to the hobby and she was a total sweetheart to me."

"We had a lot in common in respect to music and tech toys. Her gadgets would put Batman to shame."

"So far my favourite flavor

I dont see how the numbers help you get a review of my experience so;
Body - Triple D's, Curvy Hips, a real tight ...body - 9
Services - So far the best Ive had here. period. - 10
Rates - literally the best and the most bang for your buck. - 10"

"I've seen her a few times and each time she was eager to please, had good hygiene, DATY was fresh. I left satisfied and left looking forward to a repeat visit."

​​​​​​"I will absolutely repeat. I felt right at home, and she wasn't clock watching ...it's clear she enjoys what she does and she's damn good at it."

"She's got like a sexy bat cave going on. One tv is above the bed ...or was that two or three?"

"Cherry is a fun girl, If you enjoy big fake titties,
you are going to love hers... she is a bit of a techie,
I like her set up personally , I have enjoyed my time
with her... and Yes i plan on repeating, I actually plan
on emailing her and chatting with her about possibly
recording the visit, all with her approval and set up
I am hoping,"

                                                                                                             "I've seen her a few times and have always enjoyed myself. She very smart, a bit of a techie, easy to talk to and a bit quirky."

I would like to once again thank those who took the time to post these most appreciated complimentary reviews. My amazing clients mean the world to me, and I always do everything possible to be at my very best, and deliver an unforgettable experience, each and every time.

If you have not yet tried my services, I hope the above testimonials will tempt you to give me the opportunity to show you all i offer, and all ​you've been missing. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, as your complete satisfaction is my top priority.

Again, if you wish to view the reviews, from which the above statements were taken in their entirety, please visit the Pacific Escort Review Board, at perb.cc, or by clicking here

My business is your pleasure... and I could take nothing more seriously.

 I truly appreciate all of you so very much!  
Thanks a million for all of the sweet things which many of you have done for me!

...I will never forget the incredible experiences we have shared, or the abundant generosity, and kindness which so many of you have shown. I honestly cannot thank you enough! :)



*last updated 19 Mar/16

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