service rates (please find my rates for out|service at the bottom of this page)

Effective 05 February 2014, I will no longer regularly offer 15, 30, or 45 minute sessions. Sorry for any inconvenience which this may cause.

The decision was made to eliminate shorter sessions from my list of services, 
due primarily to the fact that an increasing number of clients were refusing
to respect the time frames associated with them.

​​​I don't watch the clock. Period., it's rare I don't go over time in a session. I have never rushed a client out, prior to their purchased time expiring. All I've ever asked in return is when you see your time is up, respectfully begin to wrap things up and get ready to depart my company. I guarantee that you will almost always receive a few extra minutes. that I don't mind, as I'm most likely having a very enjoyable time as well...


However, over the past six months or so I've noticed a trend toward clients thinking it is alright to simply hang around after their session has expired. This is not only unacceptable, it's rude. Plus, due to the fact that the only product I sell is my time, anyone who does that, is blatantly stealing from me. 


Please understand that this wasn't an easy decision. Nor is it a money grab. I am pretty sure this move will result in fewer bookings, and I will likely lose some great clients. I am upset at the thought of that, because I care for all of you... However, if I plan on being in this business, and working in Victoria for a long time to come... I must make decisions that I feel are right for me, and will prevent me from developing feelings of bitterness.


I truly believe that in order to enjoy longevity, an escort must set boundaries to keep the little irritating things from piling up, and becoming big things. The most important boundary I have is, that I demand respect from each and every client. I will not allow anyone to disrespect me. Period. Unfortunately, that is what was occurring here, and I was put in a position where I was forced to deal with it. 


To those who will be negatively affected by this change, I would like to say that I am truly sorry. This is an unfortunate case of a few bad apples...:(

Howeve​r, that is not the only reason I made this change. I honestly do love my job, and all of the perks that come along with it! ;) probably the biggest of those perks, is all of the great men and women i get to share special times with.
now, i'm definitely the kind of girl who feels good times should never be rushed. so, 15, 30, or even 45 minute sessions always seemed far too rushed for my liking.
trust me when i say that the time you and i will share will be far too good to rush... let's take our time and truly enjoy every precious moment...;)

  60 minutes ...........200.                           

   90 minutes ...........300.            

120 minutes ...........400.     

180 minutes ...........550.

240 minutes ...........650.​     


   *allof my sessions are 'all-inclusive, full service'.
   no upselling. no tricky extras menu. one price & never one penny more.
    this does mean however, that i do not charge 'per service', and therefore
    have no such rate structure. (i.e. bj rate, massage rate)

special overnight packages very special prices!!!

 if you're in the mood for an extremely intimate, incredibly intense one-on-one experience you'll never forget, i highly recommend my overnight packages.
an entire night where my only focus is ensuring your complete relaxation, comfort, and satisfaction. an entire night where i dedicate all of my efforts into making sure you truly feel like a king. maybe you'd like to watch a movie, on my incredible audio/video installation? or maybe you & i could watch a selection of adult films from my massive collection?
whatever we end up doing, rest assured that i will do everything in my power to guarantee you have the time of your life!
filled with many special little niceties & touches, i promise to go above and beyond to make this sleepover live on in your memory for many years to come.
...and the best part? there's no requirement to call your mom for permission
i am pleased to offer two Overnight Packages, 'the simple sleepover', and 'the overnighter'. both packages are available for either in|service, or out|service. an advance booking of at least 48 hours is strongly recommended to ensure availability, and avoid disappointment.

the simple sleepover (7hr)___________________________________________________________ 750.
seven full hours of you, me, and the entire night... what shall we ever do to entertain ourselves?
i have noworries;) comes with a special surprise... just for you!

the overnighter (9hr)______________________________________________________________________ 900.
my premiere package
the ultimate cherry|soda experience, for the truly discerning gentleman... and regular guys are welcome too,
as long as you're a complete gentleman while you're in my company. (i know you will be) nine hours to get to
know each other's most intimate secrets and desires, intermixed with good conversation, plus whatever else
may just happen to arise. late night snacks in bed, maybe some cuddled-up sleeping ... but i think we'll likely
be too busy getting familiar for sleep... rest assured, whatever we end up doing, the entire time revolves around
you and i, as we turn one another's wildest desires & fantasies into reality, plus, before you leave, I will make you
the best breakfast that i'm capable of making, before you head off and start your day! (i'm a good cook & i do
have a gourmet kitchen, i just don't use it near as often as i use my telephone to 'make' dinner. ;)
I must warn you however, you may be walking a bit funny for a few hours ...and no, i don't mean from my cooking!
*​the above package reflects in-service experience only. out|service package carries the same rate of 900.+ transportation costs to be the responsibility of the client. snacks & breakfast only included with the in-service overnighter package & are subject to a minimum 24 hour pre-booking. other packages may also be available. ​​all packages subject to availability. booking a minimum of 72 hours in advance is not a requirement, but strongly recommended.


out|service rates
the calculation of my out|service rates isn't quite rocket science, but it's close. first, decide the length of session you would like, then simply check the in|service rates list, which is located about three paragraphs up, on this very page. find the corresponding in|service rate listed above, and that is your rate, as i do not charge extra for out|service. :) now, it gets a wee-bit tricky...if you live downtown, or are staying at a downtown major hotel that's all you need to do as transportation costs are included in my downtown out|service rates. *however, if you live or are staying outside of victoria's downtown core, you will need to figure out the approximate transportation cost (two-way/round trip) to your hotel, or place of residence. this is very simply done by clicking the link directly below, and following the directions I have provided. or if you would rather you can either text, e-mail or call me and i would be more than happy to look up the cost of transportation for you!
* included in-rate for ​downtown callsonly. all other areas are subject to the transportation fee for the area for which they are requesting the call (please click the link below for the approximate travel fee for your area. the link will take you to http://www.taxifarefinder.comdirections on how to use 1. in the box below 'Find your taxi calculator',- type victoria, bc 2. in the box below 'Enter where you are' - type 1122-1142 fort street, victoria, bc, canada (my address) 3. in the box below 'Enter your destination' your address (i.e. 55 elm street, duncan, bc [your postal code] canada) 4. click the button labelled 'Calculate Fare', and you will be presented with an estimated fare.


good luck! if you have any problems whatsoever finding your transportation fee on the linked website, or if you just can't be bothered doing it, please feel free to contact me, and i would be more than happy to look it up for you! I only included this information for the DIY guys out there. ;)


and remember! the estimated fare the website will give you is only one-way. you will need to double that for the actual transportation cost, and then add my out|service rate to get the total approximate rate for your address.*

*the rates given through are only estimated, approximate fares. it has been my experience that they are quite accurate. however, the actual fare** of the ride to your hotel/residence will be multiplied by 2, for round trip cost and that will be the total transportation fee i will request. **a reciept will be provided as proof of fare paid.
i am pleased to offer out|service to all major hotels, as well as select reputable residences in the greater victoria, west vic, westshore & western communities. 
special out
|service packages are available for all vancouver island, as well as vancouver and surrounding areas. (minimum 72 hour pre-booking is required to ensure availability) sorry, but i do not offer 15, 30, or 45 minute out|service sessions.
out-of-townminimum out|service call durations:
-sooke/duncan .............minimum 2 hour   
          -nanaimo .............minimum 3 hour
       ​-courtenay...............minimum 4 hour


Cherry|soda Victoria, Bc Escort Rates Charged For Different Session Types

*last updated 19 March/16