After reviewing what admittedly must seem like several volumes of information covering all things escorting, are you finding yourself still wondering what services I offer? Or maybe you have some other pressing question about myself, or my services? If you do, i have good news! I won't force you to read my site again... :P Please feel free to simply text, e-mail, or phone me anytime of the day!  If I'm not sleeping, I promise that I will reply, or answer. I always love to hear from past, current, as well as future clients! But, maybe before you do, there is a chance that the answer could be waiting to be discovered right here on my  page of frequently asked questions!.

I realize that I present this section in a manner which is somewhat blunt. My apologies if you find this at all offensive. I do not intend the information on this page to be gratuitously offensive. I have simply attempted to deliver these important topics in a way which is easy-to-comprehend, straight-forward, and educational. It's been my experience, that when people write 'in code', either trying to be politically correct, or in an attempt the keep things 'on the downlow', it ends up only confusing everyone. This can easily lead to misunderstandings, especially in individuals with whom I do not share a common language. In my line of work, this can have implications ranging from awkward embarrassment, to physical violence. for this reason, I try and keep things as simple, and explanatory as I am able. I am certain you'll agree, that in this case a little straight-talk is easier to tolerate than the potential consequences.

I'm starting off with a few of the most commonly asked questions which I have received over my four+ years working as an escort. I will be updating this page regularly, so please let me know if there's a question you believe should be added. thanks! 

the first portion of this page can also be found on the 'services' page of this website

what is your physical description? measurements/statistics?

Standing only five feet (5'0") in height, I'm pretty short when compared to the majority of my clients! but, we all know that can be useful for certain activities... Especially if you're six feet plus! ;) To be completely honest, I am unsure of my exact weight, but that's okay, as I'm not so sure i'd tell you if I knew... 

My 100% real, and recent measurements, as of June 13, 2015 are40DDD-29-42. my breasts are not natural. they are enhanced, and therefore they are quite firm, perky, andvery large. ;)

I am in no way out to trick anyone, and hate to disappoint, or fall short of anyone's expectations. So if you're looking for a girl who is slim, and tight, and that is something which you consider to be a 'must-have' quality, then I'mnot  your girl. but if you're looking for a girl who's petite in stature, but has a perfect amount of 'a little extra' all-over, and a girl who makes for an incredible partner for cuddling, or for other various activities which are intimate in nature... Then i doubt you could really find anyone better! :D

I guess i would describe myself as a thick girl, with very ample curves, which match my proportionally round ass, anddisproportionally huge boobs... absolutely perfectly!

which services can I expect during my visit?

I consider myself to be a free-spirited, open-minded individual. I offer 'all-inclusive' full service with very few restrictions... But what exactly do I mean by 'all-inclusive'?

Will you be entitled to free meals, and drinks during our time together? Well, unfortunately, no. Please allow me to shed a little light on precisely what I mean when I say 'all-inclusive'. My brand of 'all-inclusive' may include some things you like even more than free meals, and complementary alchoholic beverages! While I know that was a foolish thing for me to say, I'm still almost certain there's a few things in her you'll like almost as much as free food, and complimentary booze... and yes, maybe even a little more!  

I don't have an extras menu, I do not 'up-sell', and I do not offer 'massage only' rates. There is only one fee, payable at the beginning of your session. After taking care of the initial payment, you have my personal guarantee that there will be no more charges, or any talk of a financial nature. This is mainly due to the fact that I believe the flow of a session plays a crucial role in the overall experience you have while you are in my company. I feel that discussing topics of a business nature, serves to do nothing more than to ruin this flow and to zap the intensity of a session... and I'm of the opinion that is not a good thing!

My full-service sessions may feature such things as:*

BBBJ, (bareback blow job, no condom blow job)

DATY, (oral sex given by you to me, licking pussy

DATO, (rimming, ass licking, mutual ) 

COF, (cum on my face, facial )

LFK, (light french kissing

MSOG(multiples, you may cum as many times as you are able, within the length of my time which you've paid for

COB, COT, (cum on body, cum on tits)

GFE, (girlfriend experience)

CSPSE** (CherrySoda Porn Star Experience-Sorry boys, no deepthroat induced eye-watering, tear-stained mascara, gallons of saliva, fake sex-noises or pretend orgasms here. Let's try and have some real-world fun instead, shall we?)

Some guys will find the fact they (or just their cock, if they wish to remain anonymous) may have portions (or the entirety) of their session video recorded, and posted right here on CherrySoda.XXX makes them feel just like they're a real porn star! There is something to be said for being able to go online, navigate to your favourite porn tube, and actually being able to watch yourself, in action. Factor in the fact that the very video you'll be starring in will eventually be seen by millions of people, and I think you just might agree that a 'porn-star experience' should be about a lot more than over-the-top sex noises, overtly sexually aggressive behaviour, high-speed slobbery gag-filled blowjobs, and bad acting? If not... Knock yourself out! I just hope you have a photographic memory, because the search for another girl who will allow your session to be recorded, could be quite exhaustive. Especially, a girl who agrees without you being  required to pay an extra fee that only a select few could ever afford  

  -While I don't mind creative editing, or the POV style of filming, I do have a distinct dislike of any form of facial mask. Therefore, whether you own the venerable, not to mention overused, eye mask of 'The Lone Ranger', your kid's goblin mask from last Hallowe'en, or a black leather S&M gimp mask, please resist the desire to bring it... Because honey, you won't be wearing it here. :P

...and more 

(if you're unable to find what you're interested in on this site,  please ask me if it is a service I offer before we meet)

*Delivery of the above mentioned services is dependent upon my partner's level of hygiene in each given area. some services are also dependent on the level of comfort which you instil in me.... So please remember, if you are hoping to receive my full list of offered services, please ensure your body is at an appropriate level of cleanliness, and that you conduct yourself in a manner which is indicative of a gentleman, and shows complete respect toward not only myself, but also for any requests, or wishes I may make during our time together.

I should also mention that I reward gentlemanly behaviour... It's likely in the best interest of clients who wish to receive everything which I offer to remember this information, and conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner at all times while in my company.

(For those who, for whatever reason, interpreted the preceding statement to be an offer of bareback sex, in appreciation of a client who treats me with respect, and follows my rules... Sorry, but such is not the case. Bareback sex is  never an option which I will offer, no matter how well you treat me.)

**Before appearing in a video, client may be asked to sign a 2257 form (age verification), and/or a model release, as well as be requested to present a valid, government-issued form of picture identification, for the sole purpose of age verification. 


Client must grant the owner of this website (a.k.a. CherrySoda) universal rights, permissions, and complete ownership and control over the copy, or copies of any, and all footage, which is/are the copy which is considered the master.

The owner of this website, reserves the right to utilize any, and all footage for promotional purposes, and to post any, and all footage on CherrySoda.XXX, or use in any other form of promotional medium, including any and all adult film tube websites, at any time.

If requested, client will receive copies of final, edited footage, and will be granted universal distribution rights for said material, to use in any manner in which they see fit, at any time.

do you offer greek?
​After much soul-searching, deliberation, and uncharacteristically hypocritical behaviour, I've decided to finally stop waffling on the issue of anal sex. up until now, I've taken a wait-and see attitude, and my policy on this subject was wishy-washy at best. 
I always try my absolute best to please every client. Every time. Period. I will go the extra mile to ensure this happens, and do my best to always be a good sport, and I am always willing to try anything which falls within my comfort zone. 

The thing about greek is that it was forcing me to break one of my most important rules which I have set for myself, and the way I conduct my service. That rule is, I try my very best to not choose favourites, or discriminate against anyone. I refuse to allow myself to exclude a person from obtaining my services due to race, age, gender, stereotypical attractiveness, or social class. 

The only reasons I will refuse service to an individual, are:

if they give me any reason to be concerned about my safety,

if they seem to be excessively intoxicated,

if they had disrespected me, or acted like an asshole at any time we were together, or communicating via phone, email, or text, or

if i have, or have had personal dealings with them at any point in my life, on a non-escort basis.

Obviously, the last one has varying degrees, as in, if you rang my order through at the grocery store, I'll probably still see you, but if I had worked with you while I was in the military, I will not.

What does all of this have to do with anal sex, you ask? 

Well, I only felt comfortable providing clients this service, if they fell within a particular group of parameters. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to exclude many of my clients. The reasons weren't only the obvious physical limitation of a large penis, but also their overall attitude, how forward they were, the level of respect which they showed,  their willingness to follow direction, and their understanding of the most important concept of all... No means no.

All of these factors combined, meant I was excluding some, while others were included, and I decided that situation was unacceptable. Therefore, I will not be offering anal sex to any of my clients from this moment on.

My sincere apologies to those who truly desire this service, but I  have strong opinions when it comes to what passes as fair in this business, and I refuse to knowingly act in a hypocritical fashion. There are many fine providers, right here in Victoria, who's ability to offer this service on a universal basis makes me truly envious. I would be more than happy to provide you with the contact information of these ladies, as they are women I respect highly, and I know they will show you an unforgettable experience!

If you still think you'd like to see me, even though you'll only be able to access my front door, I'd love to see you, and I promise that I have an adequate level of skill to satisfy the most demanding of clients. Maybe even enough to make you forget I even have a back entry...;)
...and you can rest-assured that no other client will be receiving something you're being denied, because fairness, and honesty will always be two cornerstones of my approach to providing my top-notch services.

what services do you not offer? what are your restrictions?
The activities on my restrictions list are explicitly non-negotiable. If, during your time with me, you choose to petition me with arguments of why I should partake in one of these activities with you, I will request that you refrain from requesting services which I do not offer. If you continue to pester me with requests to do things I have made clear I do not participate in, your session will be terminated, and I will ask you to leave immediately.

My list of restrictions is as follows:

-BBFS(bareback full service) For all activities involving penetrative intercourse, (vaginal, or anal sex) a condom shall  be used. No exceptions. Ever.

i really can't stress this enough guys... i don't care to hear your twisted rationalizations on this, either. unprotected sex with an escort is simply a form of extremely reckless behaviour, and i respect my own personal safety, as well as the safety of my clients far too greatly to partake in such a senseless act. 

speaking of twisted rationalizations, and senselessness, here is a very popular list which i've received repeated requests to repost, since i removed it from my etiquette section last year. the reason for it's popularity is obviously it the list's seemingly too-far-fetched-not-to-be-fiction content, and my high level of sarcasm, with which it was composed. (i'm not exactly sure how that crept in there? :P)

while i completely understand how this list could be seen as hilarious, it is actually quite serious, as all of the following statements were actually said to me, by people who were dead serious, and not trying to be humorous in any way. so, while it's completely acceptable to get a chuckle from the stupidity of this list, please heed the warning it provides as well. there actually are people out there who are either completely ignorant, and oblivious to the extreme risks involved with unprotected sex, or are just so reckless, they just don't care about their own safety, nor the safety of anyone else... remember, that could even be you. So, be safe out there boys and girls! take care of one other, by simply taking care of yourself! :) and now, the list...

i will not entertain the suggestion of bareback. no matter how many times you ask, how much money you offer, or what sort of genius logic you come up with.

I don't care if... 
You '
just got tested',
You say ,'
i'm married!', (If you're trying to bareback me, there are others. Plus, how do you know your wife is faithful?)
If I'm '
the only hoe' you see,
It will '
feel so much better', (Like I don't know this, but thanks for the tip)
You're '
a virgin',
You '
can't stay hard in a condom',
You've '
had a vasectomy', (Not so much the babies I'm worried about here)
You, '
just wanna just feel it slide in once',(really... just once?) or,'just let me put the tip in', (Of course! What was I thinking? There's never anything bad on the tip!)
You ensure me I'm fine, 'c
uz you on birth control', (Again... Not the babies that are bugging me here)
You '
just got out of jail', so you 'gotta be clean', (That makes sense, right? there's no sex in jail, it's all guys...)
I deny your golden shower request, it's not '
bareback time', (Never in your wildest dreams. Also, that statement will never be seen as intelligent, or even representative of conscious thought) 

...and my all-time favourite...'
I'll wear a condom right until I'm about to cum, then may I just blow it inside you?' (Fucking genius!! You're basically protected... but hello, I'm here too...Plus! Why aren't you worried about me getting pregnant anymore?)

NOTE: If you think it's a 'good idea' to remove a condom when a girl isn't looking... Think again. Such bird-brained actions have other consequences... In addition to the high risk of sti transmission associated with having unprotected sex with a sex worker. your completely disrespectful actions can also net you serious charges under Canada's Criminal Code. These niceties range anywhere from sexual assault, all the way up to rape. So, if you're one of those lame wannabe birthday party magician types, who's favourite trick involves the before mentioned sleight-of-hand, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for your jollies. because, if I catch you pulling this trick on me, you may just end up experiencing the grandest 'disappearing act' of all. (Just to clarify, I'm talking about legal repercussions here... Not your penis)

-BDSM (bondage, domination, sado-masochism, a.k.a. 'kink')

I'm often asked, 'are you fetish friendly?' No. Well yes, just not according to your narrow definition...

What I mean, is that just like every other adult human, I have certain things which turn me on a lot more than I generally get turned on. That is what a fetish is, and we all have them. There are something like, fifteen-thousand identified fetishes, but there is a rather large group of folks who prescribe to a common misconception, which I'd like to clear up right now... While the group of fetishes known collectively as BDSM, are in fact, fetishes, THERE ARE OTHERS. Many, many, many others. So please, don't ask me if I'm 'fetish friendly', because I honestly won't have a clue to which of the several thousand fetishes you are referring.  Actually, let me guess... BDSM? Anyhow, the answer is no. 

I will not entertain any acts which involve tying me up, or anything which will restrict my movements in any manner, such as ropes, handcuffs, or any other type of restraints.  I also will not tolerate any type of physical violence. This includes biting, punching, slapping, pinching, scratching, kicking, hair pulling, choking, wrestling whipping, flogging, or anything else which results in physical pain. If you choose to ignore this rule, I will give you one friendly warning. If the unacceptable behaviour continues, I will consider your actions as a personal assault. This is completely unacceptable not to mention illegal. Your session will be immediately terminated at that moment. If your session was an in call, you will be asked to leave immediately. If our session was an out call, I will leave immediately. Absolutely no refunds will be offered,or issued, no matter how much time remains in your session. If I consider the violence to be of an excessive nature, I will contact the police, and file an assault charge. Anyone who commits an act of violence against me, which I deem to be of an unacceptable nature, will incur the consequences I have mentioned. You've been warned.

-CIM (cum in mouth) You may not, under any circumstance cum in my mouth. While I consider the risks associated with giving BBBJ to be within my personal level of acceptance , I am not comfortable with the added risks associated with having having a mouthful on your semen. If your next thought is to say, 'just swallow it then'... Forget it. I don't swallow either. (see below) If you do cum in my mouth, consider your session's MSOG privileges revoked. Your session will be  immediately terminated, without any form of refund. You will also be entered into my blacklist, as well as the blacklists of all ladies within my safety network. 

NOTE:Claiming that you came in my mouth 'by accident', is hardly an excuse. You've had thousands of orgasms, and have been having them since you were like, twelve years old... Don't insult my intelligence by telling me you had 'no idea' you were about to cum, as I know by now you know full-well when an orgasm is imminent... In fact, I'm certain there are few things you know better. 

-ANAL (greek, trip to the islands) Please see previous section

-SWALLOWING(please see above, inCIM)

-DEEP THROATING(includes 'throat fucking', and all forms of 'active' oral sex while I am the receiving party) Just because I've entertained it with other clients, and in a few of my videos, doesn't automatically mean I wish to engage in this particular activity with you. The individuals in my videos, had proven to me on different occasions that they knew the meaning of 'no', and had no problem respecting my wishes, even when their wishes weren't precisely the same. Respectful gentleman usually get whatever they desire with me... in time. I basically never bend on any of my rules the first time we meet. Please don't think, 'well, I'm different', because you are only going to end up disappointed... and I hate disappointing any of my clients.

-GS/SCAT (golden showers:urine, piss play, watersports scat:faces, shit play, hardsports) To each their own. but in my eyes...  gross, yuck, and I will most definitely pass. Thanks.
NOTE: ​My denial of your golden shower request in no way entitles you to any measure of compensation. This applies to all of my clients, even those who have seemingly suffered a brain injury*, and find it appropriate to request BBFS as compensation for being denied a service which I clearly state restricted on every one of my profiles, every time I'm asked, and on this very website. Inappropriate... with a dash of insane.
* I have only respect for those with brain injuries. I shouldn't have grouped this idiot with them, as their mental capacity is far superior.

I searched your entire site... where is your extras menu!?                                                                                                                                                                                                 

​​The reason you're unable to find an extras menu anywhere on my site, most likely due to the fact I don't have one. I simply don't believe offering extras would add in any positive manner to my service. As I mention in question one, I believe that taking time in the middle of a session to discuss matters of a financial/business manner, only serves to ruin the session's natural flow, potentially spoiling our time together, or at least make it less enjoyable than I could have been ...and that outcome is something which I consider to be simply unacceptable. My number one priority is to ensure every client has a top quality experience while they are in my company, each and every time. 

As well, I am of the opinion that extras can be a cash-grab, and a rip-off. I charge what I feel is a fair price for my time, and that is the only thing for which I charge. Another issue I have with extras, is the fact that they are often purchased at the height of sexual excitement... Not exactly the male pinnacle of clear-headed thinking. It's far too easy for a client to get carried away, and ultimately spend money they really couldn't afford... Sometimes, much more.

There are some girls who couldn't care less if they drove their clients straight into homelessness.. Adversely, I would never be able to live with myself, if I was in any way responsible for such a horrible outcome. I care immensely for each client I am blessed to have, and I certainly would never want to be the reason one of them was not able to make their rent, provide for their families, or any other financial commitments. I would quite honestly much rather go hungry, than to be even partly responsible for  someone getting in over their head with financial difficulties, such as those I mentioned above

when and how did you become an escort?

what was your motivation to work in this field?

what was your professional background before escorting?

One Friday night, in late June of 2012, I was relaxing at home, having just wrapped up another unfulfilling and frustrating week at work. Only three weeks earlier, I had undergone breast enhancement surgery, and turned my dull, and lifeless B cups, into a set of huge-but-perky DDDs!  The time had finally arrived where they were no longer sore... even to the touch. I was feeling rather adventurous extremely horny) 

I'd always wondered about working as an escort, as I felt it was likely something I would enjoy. I had always been very promiscuous, ever since I'd lost my virginity at age twelve. So, that Friday, I decided to run an ad of my own on My first night consisted of many inquiries, and one booked appointment. Unfortunately, the client cancelled... The night ended up being a little bit of a flop.
Undaunted, I awoke the next morning to about ten texts. Let's just say that Saturday still stands as one of the busiest days I've ever had. The Sunday was busy as well. I found the work thrilling, and something I really enjoyed! All of this made my next decision an easy one...
In june, 2012, I found myself nearing the ten-year mark of a career I'd spent working as an Avionics Systems Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Unfortunately, I was finding myself at odds with the policies, and leadership of the Canadian Forces more, and more with each passing month . My job satisfaction/happiness level had reached critical levels, and the unhappiness I once felt only while I was at work, was beginning to spill over into my everyday life. I had started to dread going to the hangar every morning. The job was no longer benefitting me, and had become detrimental to my overall outlook, and was changing my once extremely positive way of looking at life, into one filled with increasing levels of negativity

It was time to go. Looking back, it was easy to see that I was just looking for a reason to leave...
...and now I had one!  I submitted my release from the military that following Monday. On September 25, 2012, I was honourably discharged from the CF. Once again I was a civillian, free of the often overbearing shackles of military life.

NOTE: If you are an individual who is thinking about entering the field of sex work, please know that the positive results which I have experienced are not typical whatsoever. I consider myself very lucky to have had the great clients I have experienced over my first four years... However, don't think it's all been a walk in the park. I have had a few asshole clients who were quite terrifying, and one who did quite a bit more than simply scare me. Fortunately, I'm the type of person who rolls with the punches, and was back to work after only a few hours spent processing the events, taking the lessons learned, and considering how I could apply them in the future.

I am also truly blessed in the way that I actually do enjoy working as an escort. I know everyone says they do, but the unfortunate truth is most of the time that isn't exactly true. The general attitude i've seen, is largely based on tolerance, which makes it quite difficult to do a job which places a such a tremendous load, both emotionally, and physically on the worker. I guess I'm just think-skinned, and enough of a natural slut, that I revel in what the vast majority of society finds disgusting, and unacceptable... :P​

I would like to close by stating that I am, in no way encouraging you, or anyone to begin working as an escort. For all of it's positives, there are just as many negatives. While this field of work can be fun, and very rewarding, it can also be very frustrating, very dangerous, and less than glamorous.
The clients can be dicks. You regularly get stood up. You very quickly find out the true meaning of actually having massive amounts of your time wasted. You will at some point, likely have to endure very hurtful comments. You'll inevitably have the good reputation you worked so hard to build dragged through the mud on online review boards. You may have to deal with a jealous wife, or wives. The odds you will be raped, murdered, or both are increased exponentially. You could be hassled at the border, and ultimately denied entrance into the United States. Everyone who knows what you do, are awkward in your presence, and start treating you like some sort of criminal. Many of your friends/family may disown you, and cut you completely out of their lives. The list goes on, and on...

Remember, this is a huge decision, with potentially massive consequences. Make sure you weigh both sides, as this is a tremendously important step in your life, and it's not one which should be taken lightly.

...and most importantly, only get into this line of work for reasons which matter to you. Never allow anyone else to influence those reasons, or your choice. This mustbe 100% your choice, and if you are being pressured by anyone to work in the sex trade against your will, and you are in Canada, go to the police. They will not take issue with you personally in any way, or punish you for anything you've done, because you've done nothing wrong. Don't believe anyone who tries to convince you that you have. The police will help you out of the situation, protect you, ensure your safety, and finally, deal with the individual, or individuals at fault. 

do you enjoy working as an escort?

if so, what about escorting do you enjoy most? 
I actually do enjoy working as an escort! Even after more than four years, I am still so happy that I finally have found a job that I love. I actually love it so much, that I never take days off. Better yet, is the fact I have no burning desire to be away from my work, they way I unfortunately experienced at every other job I've had over my life.

The aspects of escorting which I enjoy the most, is the interaction that I have with my clients. From the moment of first contact until the good bye kiss, I delight in fulfilling my client's sexual dreams, and helping them realize their fantasies. I have always loved pleasing others, and making people happy.
This job allows me the opportunity to make that small, but important difference in my client's lives!                                        

is there anything you don't like about being an escort? 
I really dislike clients who feel they are not required to cancel their session, or give me any sort of heads-up. If something has come up, and they are unable to make their scheduled appointment. The same can be said for clients who arrive early and expect me to be able to see them ten, or twenty minutes before their appointment is scheduled.

...and please, don't try to bargain or under cut me. My rates are below average, and are already represent incredible value for a girl of my quality and reputation in Victoria. Please don't disrespect me by asking if I'd be interested in an hour session for $60... Or $100, $120, $150, or $180. I do not dicker, and sorry but I'm definitely not interested in your 'super-generous' offer.


what makes you notable among other providers? 
I'm sure that many of the clients, of who's company I have enjoyed, as well as those I've never met might immediately credit my massive, enhanced 40DDD chest as being my most notable feature. I'd certainly have to agree that it is definitely my most distinct physical feature, especially when you take into consideration that I'm only five feet tall... Let's just say they truly stand out, (literally!)

Seriously though, as much as my huge chest stands out as the one thing which makes me special in a physical sense, I really feel that the genuine manner in which I deliver my services to be the one characteristic which truly puts me in a class all of my own.

Truth be known, I'm a terrible actress, and I'm not the type of girl who would be anywhere, with anyone, if i didn't want to be. I am also not swayed by financial gain. Simply put, I see only those who i want to see, and only do what I want to do... no matter how large the offered compensation happens to be. So you can be certain that when you and I are together, I not only truly want to be there, I am enjoying myself, every bit as much as you are.

what is your preferred method of contact?

do you have a client screening process?
Ultimately, text is my preferred method of contact. I lead a pretty active lifestyle, and I'm usually out and about, or busy doing a project of some sort at my condo, so I enjoy the freedom text offers, as it does not require me to stop what i was doing. Or, if I happen to be out, not have to quickly find a private place to have a discreet phone conversation.


Email is also preferred, but if you are looking for a spur-of-the-moment thing, say, within an hour or two, I highly recommend texting, or calling me. Email sometimes fails to alert of new messages. I do my best to answer all emails the second I receive them, but if my phone or computer fails to notify me, or if I miss the notification, then I have no way of knowing your message has arrived, and therefore, you will not receive a reply until the next time I check my email. There is also always the chance your message could accidentally end up in my junk mail folder. Again, I do my best to remember to regularly check it for errant messages, but sometimes I forget in which case it may take up to a day for me to reply, or the first time i see it.


Although I find it much easier to manage my time through typed mediums, such as text or e-mail, I don't mind receiving phone calls! I enjoy the fact I am able to get a better idea on who I'll be seeing, and it's kind of a first meeting in a way. The guys who are nervous when they call are just so cute! They're nervous for no reason though, because as long as I'm shown a basic level of respect, I'm probably the sweetest escort out there. I honestly have a really hard time even getting upset at anyone, or anything!

I do not have a formal pre-screening process for my clients. I have always been able to gather enough information on a client during the booking process, to make my decision on whether I wish to see them, or not. I will only deny someone service if; they disrespect me, are demanding, rude, inappropriate, pushy, or verbally abusive, they don't seem to have an understanding of the word 'no', they seem to be overly intoxicated, or appear to be angry, either with myself, or in general.. 

when you visit a client, what kind of environment do you expect a them to provide?

​I love bringing my exquisite services to you, via my out call service. I provide this service to any one of Victoria's many fine, reputable downtown hotels, or to residences of good reputation, in, Victoria's downtown, and surrounding areas.

My sincerest apologies, but I do not offer out call service to motels, and hotels, which have less than a three star rating. Out call service is also not available to personal residences of poor reputation. This is nothing personal against you, or your home, so please try not to take offence. This policy exists because I simply don't want anything to distract my attention away from giving you the top quality service you deserve, and I cannot do that, if I'm concerned for my safety. 

On every out call, I expect a safe environment, free of drama (wives/girlfriends/roommates), where we will be able to enjoy ourselves without distraction. I don't expect a 100% germ-free environment, but a basic level of organization, and cleanliness is most appreciated... With a special emphasis on clean sheets! ;) Thanks!

do you have any particular requirements regarding the hygiene of your clients?
While I am not psycho about it, I do expect my clients to be at an acceptable level of cleanliness when they visit me, or I  visit them. Please do try to be presentable in clean clothes, with a groomed appearance, and smelling fresh.

I'm not a princess, and and not the type of person who has unrealistically high expectations, but if a client hopes to receive all of the services which I offer, they should be impeccably clean. Otherwise, they could experience a slight reduction in the spectrum of services which they receive. 

If you showered that morning, don't work a super physical job, or hit the gym during the day, then you should be goo. Of course everyone is different, and has a unique body chemistry... So please use common sense when it comes to the topic of hygiene. 

If, upon you're arrival at my condo, you do happen to be a little less than fresh, or simply like to shower before you get dirty... I always have shower facilities and clean towels available.

Thanks for reading, and remember, if there are any questions you would like me to answer, or if you feel that a particular question or answer you feel should appear on this page, I would love to hear from you! I'm available anytime I'm not resting, so please text, e-mail, or call me anytime the mood strikes!

​kisses, -



last updated 17 September 2016