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cherry|soda victoria, bc escort cherry soda & her cat, james

Cherry|soda Victoria, Bc Escort Cherry Soda & Her Cat, James

The story of James... My northern kitten

I'd like to start this page off by saying the following is just for fun, and i'm not some crazy cat lady. :P It's just an amusing story about a great little cat, and the truly magical place from which he hails. The same place where I spent three great years of my life, before moving to Victoria. 

So, if you're interested in the more personal side of who i am, and one of the places i've called home, here's a rare peek.
If you don't care to know such details, this is by no means required reading. Please feel free to go to the next page. :)

At first glance, James looks like any other black cat. but then you notice
he's wearing a shirt...a cat in a shirt? 

Yes, my little james is special.

He's a meek mannered little guy, and always friendly. 
Once he warms up to you, he'll show you a personality bigger 
than you've most likely ever seen in a cat before
(I'm sure you'll agree it's even bigger than some humans you know!)
You'll never have to worry over having a cold lap during your visit, because
that's where he will most likely be until you push him back to the floor. Plus,
because he's always wearing some sort of shirt, he's usually warmer than other
cats which you may have previously experienced. This comes in especially
handy during the winter, when he's acting as my in-bed heater.

Never overly-imposing, he's usually pretty good about waiting
until session-end to introduce himself properly.

His preferred method of greeting is with a barrage of unreasonably
powerful head-pushes into your chin, and if you're really lucky, he
might do his front paw shuffle for you... Complete with sharp claws! 
(to really enjoy the front paw shuffle, I recommend calling
him up onto the bed, before getting dressed! :P) 

Of course, if you are one of the few who cannot be swayed by his
multiple feline charms, are allergic, or just simply hate cats...
Please let me know, and I will secure him where he will not bother you.
He won't be too happy, but he gets spoiled 99% of the time anyhow.

In the time you're here it's you, not James, who is my main priority. :)

James requested I include his bio, and a small overview of his duties here at the CherryPit to show he isn't just another pretty face...

James was born on 10 October 2010, in Hay River, Northwest Territories. I lived in Yellowknife, which is located directly across Great Slave Lake from Hay River. In the winter, there is a direct route of only about 40 minutes via ice road across Great Slave Lake, which is the World's 8th largest lake as well as being North America's deepest... Now you know!

Yellowknife, to put it simply... Is the greatest place in the World. I was not born there, and only lived there a few years which unfortunately, passed far too quickly. However, even in that short amount of time, I completely fell in love with this magical city, located in the most amazing place, and that's the first time I've ever felt that way.

I've never felt love for anywhere else I've resided, as none of those places have ever felt like home to me. I did not realize that you could experience such an intense love, and feeling of belonging for a place, until my time in Yellowknife. No matter where I live, or where I end up in my life, Yellowknife will forever be where my heart calls home, and I miss it terribly...:

However! Back to James! 

Yellowknife had only one flaw. for every cat, there were 4,000 dogs... Sled dogs mostly. There were approximately 16,000 of these things scattered all over the city. Every night at dusk, no matter where you are in Yellowknife, you can hear sled dogs howling. remember the 4000:1 cat-to-dog ratio i gave you? Not completely accurate, (there aren't only 4 cats in Yellowknife, there are 11 :P) but it's very close. That makes getting a cat (other than the $700 kittens at the local pet store), pretty much an impossibility. However, in Hay River, there are 4,000 cats for each dog. and there's 5,000 dogs... No lie. ;) As a result, it's as hard to get rid of kittens in Hay River, as it is to get one in Yellowknife. 

The ice road wasn't quite ready the day James, and his four siblings were brought to Yellowknife to meet their new owners, so they had to take the very long last leg of the incredible Mackenzie Highway. This 1700km stretch of road basically begins in Edmonton, and terminates 16 hours later, when it becomes 48th Street in downtown Yellowknife.

By far, the best... or worst... or maybe just simply terrifying part of the drive , is the overwhelming feeling that you are, without a doubt, probably the most isolated and alone you've ever been in your entire life. The reason for this is that over the 1700km stretch that is the Mackenzie Highway, there are four very small, and two good sized towns, Peace River, AB (beautiful) and High Level, AB. (oh my...) Other than those two towns though, it's just you, the bison, your car, and your thoughts. (which can run away on you in the north, quite often resulting in a condition known as being 'bushed', a mental condition caused by physical, and emotional isolation so often experienced in the high north. this condition is usually only is seen in white southerners, who are far more accustomed to large crowds of people, street traffic, and always having someone to talk to or help close by, if the need should arise. While living in the north, it's not uncommon to find yourself without any of those things which we take for granted in the south. It's symptoms range from intense confusion and panic, to temporary insanity. Both the frequency, and intensity of occurrences increase the further north you go... as does the isolation, and loneliness)

Fortunately the last leg they travelled that day was only 3 hours around the lake, and James arrived around lunchtime. he meowed for three days straight before settling in, becoming the perfect cat he (usually) is today.

-JamesCat is now five-and-a-half years old. He resides in Victoria, BC, and is currently under the employ of CherrySoda's CherryPit, where he serves as Director Of Security.

James requested I thank everyone who took the time to read his page. He looks forward to meeting you upon your next visit to the CherryPit.

allergy alert|cat alert!
I do have a male, black house cat,  I try to keep the hair and such to a minimum, and have had clients with slight cat allergies come to visit, with no problems. My condo has concrete floors, so that helps a bit as well, with no carpeting to trap hair and other allergens. 
However, if your allergies range from serious to severe, or if you just happens that your level of cat-dislike ranges from serious to severe (and it kills me to say this, but) searching for a non-cat-owning provider may be a wise choice. :(
If your issue is a simply dislike of cats, I have absolutely no problem locking him away, he needs more sleep anyway...