Located at the beginning of Upper Fort Street, only steps from the intersection of ​​​Fort and Cook streets, and at the end of Victoria's historic 'Antique Row', my in-call is conveniently located on the edge of downtown. Close enough, that it is only a ten minute walk from all major downtown hotels, but much more private than an incall located in the heart of downtown.

I do not share my in-call location with any other ladies, ensuring a low traffic, and low profile location. Your privacy is further enhanced by the small size of my building. Less residents, means less chance of meeting someone when entering, or exiting my unit. On the first floor of residences, my unit is easily and quickly accessed by either the stairs, or elevator.

My building boasts an atmosphere which is extremely quiet and very peaceful. This relaxing environment only improves when you enter my cozy and unique studio apartment. You will quickly feel like you're at home... which is exactly the way I want you to feel while visiting my home! 

The complex is recent construction, and is well-maintained, clean, and secure. You can rest-assured that you will feel both safe, relaxed, and welcome during your visit!

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 -Appointments are only confirmed once I have replied to your email, confirming the date/time you requested fits my schedule.
 -My reply may also include; my address, instructions, or the offer of an alternate date/time, in the case I was unable to fulfil your original request.

I do not rent my unit, It is mine. I purchased it brand new in October 2011, and have operated my in-call from here since July 2012, when I began escorting. I am pleased to say that I have not had even a single problem with a client, or my neighbours in the four-and-a-half years which I have operated my service from my home.  

I am not the only object of male desire to be found in my condo suite. I am a pretty big fan of all things electronic, and have a setup which can really only be described as a normal housewife's worst nightmare. Three HD screens, one of which features 4K resolution, a 1080 HD projector, which casts its image onto a 100" screen! All three displays are within easy view of my bed, and when combined with my high-end audio installation, you will be able to witness porn in a manner which will bring a new appreciation to something you likely thought was already as good as it could get. Come into my world for a little while, and experience all of your sexual desires, with one major difference... they are all going to be just a little better than what you've ever experienced before.

Imagine, a session with a very well-reviewed, sexy, caring, and intelligent escort, who is uncommonly eager to cater to your sexual desires. With surprising ease, you begin to forget the stress and worries of your everyday life. You relax in the inviting surroundings of my clean and modern studio apartment, completely surrounded by sexual images playing on the four screens which envelop you. As you dip deeper into this place consisting only of pure pleasure, I will be busy doing things which will ensure that our time together becomes a spectacular high point in your memories. One which you will fondly reflect upon often in the years to come...

You will be amazed at the incredible sexual energy you will experience during our time together... but why just take my word for it?

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-For last minute, or appointments requested within a four hour window, always call or text to avoid disappointment.

*last updated 31 October 2016

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